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DOES GREEK YOGURT help acne?  You bet.  Greek yogurt has a positive impact on your skin and combating acne.  There’s nothing worse than waking up and seeing yet another pimple has erupted on your skin.  I know.  I felt that way too.  Hundreds of creams, pills and other products that promised to fight acne and keep my skin clear hardly ever worked! 🙁

the most effective tactic is also the most natural approach. What if a tasty, nutritious food product had the power to clear up acne.  And, prevent future breakouts?


It’s true.


Yogurt contains active ingredients that have been proven to work effectively in the struggle against acne.  Adding this healthy food to your diet is a safe and inexpensive alternative to creams and prescription pills.


Let’s review some background information about yogurt.  A closer look will reveal its powerful acne-fighting components.


Yogurt Facts


Yogurt Does Greek Yogurt Help Acne?is a thick, tart dairy product that results from the fermentation of milk.  Yogurt is typically made from cows’ or goats’ milk.  Although it can be produced from the milk of any mammal.  Badger milk anyone?


Yogurt doesn’t have a single country of origin.  It can be found in virtually any culture that raises animals for milk.  When milk is left to ferment with the help of friendly bacteria.  The consistency of the milk thickens and the product develops a pleasantly tart flavor.


The lactic acid that develops from the fermentation process acts as a preservative.  This allows the yogurt to stay fresh longer.


A variety of yogurt options are available at a typical supermarket.  Full-fat, low-fat and non-fat versions of yogurt can be found. Many yogurts are sweetened with fruit or other flavorings.  Most plain yogurts are unsweetened and made from cows’ milk.


Frozen yogurt has the consistency of ice cream. It can be made at home by adding gelatin as a stabilizer.  A slightly alcoholic, drinkable yogurt called “kefir” can be found at natural food stores and some supermarkets.  This tart liquid is fermented using certain strains of bacteria and yeast.  And, don’t forget Greek styled yogurt!


Can Yogurt Really Do Good Things for the Skin?


How exactly does yogurt help combat acne and promote clear skin?


The skin-clearing powers of yogurt come from probiotics.  Which is healthy bacteria found in yogurt and other fermented foods.  You might think of bacteria as germs that cause disease.  But our bodies are full of both good and bad bacteria.


Pro-biotics are a “helpful” form of bacteria.  They actually help us stay healthy.  Instead of getting us sick.  😐  These organisms reduce inflammation and kill the bad bacteria that cause acne.  One of the most common pro-biotic strains found in yogurt is Lactobacillus acidophilus. 


Lactobacillus Acidophilus Helping Acne


Other strains include Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus delbrueckii.  Check the ingredient list of your favorite yogurt for the presence of these powerful pro-biotics.  Adding yogurt to your daily diet can lessen the severity of your current acne.  Adding yogurt can also prevent new blemishes from forming.


Some skincare experts recommend applying a yogurt mask for additional acne-fighting benefits.  When milk ferments into yogurt, it produces lactic acid as a byproduct.  This substance acts as a natural exfoliate.  It can help to slough off dead skin cells.


Lactic acid also has antibiotic properties that can help rid your skin of harmful bacteria.  Combined with a balanced diet and a healthy dose of yogurt.  An occasional yogurt mask can be a valuable addition to your beauty routine!


Does Greek Yogurt Help Acne?




If you’re planning to pick up some yogurt to clear up your skin.  Be a savvy shopper.  Not all yogurts are created equal!  Go for the thicker, Greek-style varieties.  Experts recommend Greek yogurt for its higher levels of pro-biotics.


Try Add Fruit to Greek Yogurt for Acneto avoid highly-sweetened yogurts.  Not only do these sugar-laden varieties spike your insulin  levels.  They add unnecessary calories.  In addition, sugar can aggravate acne and cause new breakouts.


I’m a huge fan of adding blueberries or strawberries to mine.  The only slight thing I have against Greek yogurt is the sour taste.  So by adding a healthy fruit, the experience is a whole lot more enjoyable.


Do the Health Professionals Agree about Yogurt and Acne?


Does plain yogurt help acne? No, it can help. However, Greek yogurt is even better!The connection between the pro-biotics found in yogurt and skin health isn’t based on mere speculation.  Oh no, no, no!  Research has been performed to confirm the power of these bacterial strains.


A study described in the academic journal Gut Pathogens focused on a group of 300 patients.  All had acne and were treated for 16 days with a pro-biotic supplement containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.  A staggering 80% of the patients experienced clinical improvement of their acne symptoms.


Another pro-biotic study was conducted by researchers from the University of Alberta.  This study followed a group of 45 females who suffered from acne.  The participants were given a 12-week course of pro-biotic supplements.  By the fourth week of treatment, the group showed significant improvement in their acne and overall skin condition.  While these two studies utilized pro-biotic supplements instead of yogurt.  The same strains of healthy bacteria are found in both items.


I Don’t Have Acne:  Should I Still Eat Yogurt?




Even if you’re not suffering from a current breakout.  There are multiple reasons to make yogurt a mainstay in your diet.  If you’re prone to breakouts, the pro-biotics in yogurt can help prevent acne.  Probiotics to Help AcneAs well as calm any other forms of skin inflammation.  These good bacteria have many positive effects on the body.


The power of pro-biotics didn’t attract mainstream interest until the early 1990s.  Funny really….Since some cultures have been eating yogurt and other fermented food for centuries.  Nowadays people have been embracing yogurt.  And, other foods containing pro-biotics for their digestive benefits.


Pro-biotics can alleviate constipation and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.  They can also prevent cases of diarrhea caused by antibiotics.  Which I believe would come in handy.


Some studies suggest that pro-biotics can strengthen the immune system and prevent colds and other common illnesses.  Many women also rely on pro-biotics to ward off vaginal yeast infections.


It’s clear that yogurt can play a valuable role in nearly anyone’s diet.  With concentrated levels of healthy pro-biotic bacteria, yogurt can clear breakouts.  This includes preventing new pimples and keeping the rest of your body running smoothly.


Can I Just Take a Probiotic Pill?


Ah…..I was waiting for that.  The answer is indeed yes.  However make sure it is one of high quality and refrigerated.  When pro-biotics are not cold, the good bacteria dies off.  This is beyond the scope of this article and is a subject altogether on its own.


My Last Thoughts


Does Greek Yogurt cause acne? No way! In fact, the opposite is true, it really helps.Having greek yogurt each day is a great bet for helping acne.  Even a few yogurts each week will make a difference.  If you choose unsweetened, Greek-style yogurt, you’ll get the most pro-biotic bang for your buck.


Try adding yogurt to your diet starting today, and you’ll see that some of the most powerful acne-fighting products can be found right in your refrigerator.  Make sure it’s Greek style yogurt and not one filled with sugar.  You want to maximize the benefit of this wonderful food!


To answer the question – Does greek yogurt help acne?  The answer is most certainly yes.  I hope this article proves a little that diet really has an effect on acne.  I’m a huge supporter of eating the right foods for acne.  Eat foods that help acne.  Avoid foods that cause it.  Simple.  If you’d agree then maybe you’d like this.


Anyhow thanks for reading.  Make sure to leave any comments or queries below.


What else helps acne?  Two great tips.  Avoid gluten as much as possible and use aloe vera!




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