Silver Gel and Colloidal Silver for Acne


Using a silver gel and colloidal silver for acne Silver cream for acne is great when applied directly to pimples on your face.can be very beneficial.  Some people claim that colloidal silver is an extraordinary remedy that can cure everything from sore throats to systemic yeast infections.

Others claim that it is dangerous, and has actually turned people blue.  A condition called argyria.  Which is true, but you have to take a lot and for a long period of time.

To answer the question though…Can a silver gel applied to pimples clear them quicker and easier.  Can taking/drinking colloidal silver truly help with short term or even long term acne?

Read on to find out more about silver gel and colloidal silver for acne.  Also, what conditions it can treat, and whether or not it is risky to try it.



I just want to declare right now.  Silver won’t cure acne.  Sorry, although it can help.  Be sure to read on and I’ll explain how.


So What Can Silver Cream Do For Acne?

Just quickly.  Acne is caused from blocked hair follicles become infected with the bacteria P. Acnes.

But why do hair follicles become blocked you say?

That is an article in itself – how acne works.  The short version is because of hormonal and digestive problems.  Other contributing factors include pomade acne, depression or stress.

Silver can be used as an anti-bacterial cream.  Therefore, it is very effective for the treatment of pimples.  It can clear them up quite quickly by killing P. Acnes.  The unique thing about silver is that it leaves the good bacteria intact.  New skin will not grow unless an infection has been cleared.

So silver cream can work wonders in the short-term treatment of pimples.  Reducing the time it takes for a zit to disappear.


And, What Can Colloidal Silver Do For Acne?

Glass of Colloidal Silver

Using colloidal silver for acne may be a little trickier to explain.  But we’ll get there.

You have to understand that acne is almost always caused by a few things combined.  Both major and minor things.  And, it differs for everyone.

So firstly, colloidal silver can boost the immune system.  Which means it can fight P.Acnes from the inside.

Just a second…what is colloidal silver?  Oh, it’s tiny particles of actual silver suspended in water.  And, tiny as in just about dust.  Mixed with water.  Basically.

To continue…

Secondly, colloidal silver can kill off yeast infections, a major cause of acne from inside the gut.


I Also Might Just Quickly Say…

You should always consult a doctor before starting any new treatment.  I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be.  This is just opinion.

Okay back to the article.


Why Silver?

Colloidal silver is rumored to destroy pathogens nearly on contact.

In studies, when it was let loose near a virus, fungus, bacterium, or pathogen of any kind, it annihilated it.  Proving itself a natural antibiotic and so much more.  Proponents of colloidal silver take it to cure viruses.  Like colds and the flu, and to clear infections, such as sinus or ear infections. Scientists have been studying colloidal silver.  Let’s familiarize ourselves with their findings.


Silver in Brigham Young University Study

In 2006, there was a study published in Current Science that was carried out by microbiologists at Brigham Young University. T he researchers combined silver with antibiotics.  And, tested it against pathogens like MRSA and E.coli, which previously did not respond to antibiotic treatment.

The result was that these pathogens began dying off.  

The researchers wrote that the-

“Silver-water-dispersion solution has been shown as an effective antibiotic against many multiple drug-resistant strains including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E.coli, and MRSA.”

The researchers from this study concluded that colloidal silver could be an effective antibiotic alternative. A similar study at the University of Texas tested colloidal silver against Staph, Candida, Salmonella, and Psuedomonas aeruginosa.  They found it to be effective as an antibacterial agent in this instance as well.

Larry C. Ford, M.D., from UCLA School of Medicine did the same.  He also performed experiments testing the effectiveness of colloidal silver against pathogens in laboratory tests.  At the conclusion of his studies, he said that destructive bacteria, virus, and fungi organisms are killed within minutes of contact with silver.


Celebrate! Silver gel for acne is great treatment when used on facial zits.


Silver Safety

Sounds like silver might be worth a try…but what about your skin turning blue?  Can this happen?

The answer is yes, it can happen.  

But it should not if you choose the right silver product and do not exceed the recommended dosage.  As with any supplement, quality and quantity are key.  It should be carefully considered before you ingest anything.  In keeping with this philosophy, a Silver Safety Committee has been formed.

The committee consists of chemistry professors, doctors, and other leaders in healthcare advocacy.  They have created a Silver Safety Calculation to help people determine how much silver they can safely ingest.  

The calculation is simple.  

You multiply twelve by pounds (your weight), and divide it by the ppm.  You can find the ppm amount on the label of the silver supplement you have chosen.  This then determines how many drops per day you should have. There is much more information about silver safety on the Silver Safety Committee website., including guidelines for daily use, short term use, or lifetime use.


What Should a High Quality Colloidal Silver Product Look Like?

True colloidal silver products are not dangerous.  Unlike their knockoff counterparts.  This is because they have low concentrations of ionic silver.  And, a small particle size, which are insufficient to cause argyria.  Unfortunately, this type of silver product is the least prevalent on the market.  So you must shop carefully.  

What you are looking for is a product with fifty to eighty percent silver particles, and the balance silver ions.  These formulas will not be clear like water.  Because the particles inhibit light from passing through, giving the liquid a darker appearance.

If you are looking for an alternative to antibiotics.  Or, just something to keep in the medicine cabinet to ward off colds or flu, colloidal silver may be worth a try.   If you do your research about what dosage is right for you.  Select a high quality product!

Then you have nothing to lose by trying it, and much to gain.  Any drug or supplement, prescription or otherwise, has the potential to be dangerous.  You should always educate yourself before ingesting anything.  However, if you make educated choices, you might be able to save yourself numerous trips to the doctor and pharmacy, just by patronizing your local health food store instead.


Top Tips to Remember When Using a Silver Gel and Colloidal Silver for Acne

Silver Gel and Colloidal for acne will help but won’t cure.

Silver gel helps as a topical cream to kill bacteria and heal pimples faster.

Colloidal silver helps from the inside to stop some of the root causes of acne.

To really cure acne, one must have good digestion and gut flora, and control hormones.

Do this through a good diet, lowering stress, drinking plenty of water, avoiding antibiotics, getting good sleep, and taking a few good acne supplements.

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