Quick List of Foods that Contain Vitamin D


Need a quick and easy list of foods that contain Vitamin D for acne?  These are the best alternatives to keep your mind sharp, your body active and your skin clear!

Vitamin D is also very important for maintaining strong, healthy bones and good overall health.  Most people don’t get a sufficient amount of this critical vitamin.  It is important to take steps to be sure you’re getting enough.

Depending on many other variables the average human needs about 600IU a day.  That can go up to 4000IU but you must always be careful of too much sun ie. skin cancer.

If you work indoors are for any other reason you feel your not getting enough sun.  Not many foods contain vitamin D, although check out these foods that do (100g).

List of Foods that Contain Vitamin D for AcneSalmon – 600UI
• Trout – 320UI
• Tuna – 240UI
• Mushrooms – 200UI
• Cod Liver Oil – 1300UI (tablespoon)
• Beef Liver – 50UI
• Egg Yolk – 40UI each
• Fortified Orange Juice*
• Fortified Cereal*
• Fortified Milk*

* Note:  Fortified simply means to add Vitamin D, check the labels.  Other foods contain vitamin D but none are really worth mentioning since you’d have to eat lots.


Follow on reading why these are the best sources of Vitamin.  As always the best way is UV light from the light in the sky.  If you can, try and get some sunlight!


List of Foods that Contain Vitamin D for Acne

Vitamin D: 11 Ways to Make Sure You Get Enough

A well-known way to get vitamin D is by drinking fortified milk, but here are 11 other ways to make sure you get enough of this important nutrient.


Get Some Sun

The sun does not directly provide vitamin D for us, but its energy helps our bodies make it. However, because of the threat of skin cancer, you don’t want to spend too much time in the sun without sunscreen.

According to Stephen Honig, MD, 20 to 25 minutes of time in the sun without sunscreen is good enough. This can even be just on the face and forearms.  However, keep in mind that the sun is less effective at higher latitudes and during winter. Sunlight is also less effective for older people and people with dark skin.


Does Vitamin D Help Acne? Yes.    

Fatty fish

Salmon, mackerel, eel, tuna, and trout are good options for vitamin D. Eating a fillet of mackerel will give you 403 international units (IUs) of it. That puts you close to 600 IUs, the most common daily recommended amount.  Salmon is an acne fighting super food.  Eat it every day if you can.


Beef liver

This is not the most appetizing choice on the list, but beef liver deserves to be here. A cooked 3.5 oz. serving will give you about 50 IUs worth of vitamin D.  An added plus is you’re also going to get many other nutrients like vitamin A, B12, riboflavin, and more.


Cod liver oil

Here’s another not-so-tasty choice that you should consider adding to your diet. There are few options that are better sources of vitamin D than cod liver oil.  You’ll get a whopping 1,300 IUs of the vitamin in a single tablespoon.

If you want to avoid the flavor of the oil, buy a bottle of cod liver capsules instead.  Just be careful of the expiry date!


Canned tuna

Canned tuna fish is another source of vitamin D, and an added bonus is that it usually costs less than fresh fish. Another benefit is that canned products have longer shelf lives, so you can buy canned tuna in bulk and make it whenever you have a taste for it.

Canned light tuna packs a stronger vitamin D punch than albacore tuna – 150 IUs per four oz. compared to 50 IUs per four oz.


Mushrooms (certain brands)

Mushrooms are high in Vitamin D.Mushrooms and humans have a similar characteristic – they are both able to make vitamin D with the help of ultraviolet light. But, mushrooms are often grown in dark conditions and therefore unable to make the vitamin.

Certain brands are grown with exposure to ultraviolet light, so these brands do contain vitamin D. Dole’s Portobello Mushrooms is one option. A half cup of diced Dole’s mushrooms contains about 200 IUs of vitamin D.

Look for the Dole’s brand or other alternatives at your local grocery stores.  

Fortified orange juice

Although the amount varies among different brands, an 8 oz. cup of fortified orange juice normally contains 100 IUs of vitamin D. You need to check the label to make sure the brand you buy is fortified.  Also full of vitamin C which is always great for inflammation.


Egg yolk

If you’re careful about your fat intake, as you should be, you should not eat too many egg yolks. However, the yolk in eggs is what contains the vitamin D. If you eat multiple eggs for breakfast, at least one of them should contain the yolk; the others can be just the whites.

Each yolk has about 40 IUs of vitamin D.


Fortified cereal

The drawback to eating cereal is that most of it contains sugar. Adding milk also jacks up the sugar content even more. Look to buy fortified cereals that are lower in sugar. Wheaties is one good choice.  This makes the list because of its Vitamin D content.  However, it’s not recommended for acne sufferers.


Taking a supplement is a super easy way to get some vitamin D in your system. A supplement should never completely take the place of food; it should only be viewed as insurance.

Vitamin D is fat soluble, so it can become toxic if you take too much. The upper safe limit has been set at 4,000 IUs, so you would have to take in loads of the vitamin to be at risk for toxicity.

Your doctor can help you choose an effective dosage.


Ultraviolet lamps and bulbs

But be careful!  Lamps and bulbs that emit UV rays can be effective.  Especially, for certain people.  Some people are unable to absorb vitamin D.  And, others have trouble getting sufficient amounts during winter.

Keep in mind there are risks for skin cancer with UV lamps. Do your homework, and make sure to consult with your doctor first.


Top Tips to Remember

Eat Wild Salmon for Omega 3This list of foods that contain Vitamin D is quick due to the lack of foods that do actually have this nutrient.  One point to remember that the best source is the sun.  If push comes to shove a simple cod liver oil tablet would do wonders.

Remember salmon is the best thing for your skin.  It tastes great, it’s full of vitamin D.  But not only that, the general consensus it is just great for the body and mind.

Cheers for reading.  Don’t forget to comment and if you enjoy this check out the other posts below.

Thanks Rohan


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