Chakras and Acne | Will Opening Them Help Clear Your Skin?

First, Why This Topic Interested Me

I threw away the idea of a relationship between chakras and acne as ridiculous to begin with.  But could there be?  I considered it complete and utter nonsense.

Chakras and Acne. What do you think? Any truth?However, I did an acting course and during those classes, we were made to focus on our chakra points.  We do this so you can get more connected to yourself and emotions, handy for actors.  Anyway, throughout I made some interesting discoveries.

I realized that I had a blocked heart chakra. One day I started to get a bit emotional and shed a few tears for no apparent reason other than I was practicing my chakra work.  I had blocked emotions.

I proceeded to do some research after this enlightening (yet slightly embarrassing) experience and found that I was not alone.  This chakra may have been blocked for years.

I decided to find out if chakra points could help other ailments such as acne.


What Are Chakra Points?

The seven chakra points may help with your acneChakras are believed to be spiritual energy points in your body, swirling in a wheel.  It has been an Indian tradition for thousands of years to keep these energy points open.

To most, the idea of chakras can seem a little esoteric and illusive, but I’ve found I benefit from meditating.  And, keeping them open.

There are 7 main chakra points, although there are 114 in the body.  These include, running down the body starting from the head, the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras.

I can understand if your already skeptical.  Because of the whole idea of a metaphysical blocked ball of energy causing your acne…


What is a Blocked Chakra Point?

A blocked chakra is where your life force is impeded for one reason or another.  Your life energy doesn’t flow into that chakra from the outside world as well.  

Your life energy doesn’t flow from the adjacent chakras as well.  A blocked chakra can mean the wheel of energy slows down or even stop.

Blocked chakras can come from pressures at work, alcohol abuse, death of a family member, the anguish of acne etc.  By not fully dealing with the problem or situation.  And, the symptom can come out as shyness, anxiety, cold-heartedness etc.  Different causes block different chakras with different results/symptoms.

To get more technical though, a chakra point can be weak or over-energized.  Find out which of your chakras are blocked here.  Or, check out the table below.

# Chakra Color Location Energy Embodies Physically
1 Root Red Bottom of Spine Life Force Earth spine, kidneys, bladder, legs
2 Sacral Orange Below Naval Feeling/Sensing Water reproductive organs
3 Solar Plexus Yellow Above Naval Mental Fire digestive organs, liver
4 Heart Green Chest Emotional Air lower lungs, circulatory & immune systems
5 Throat Blue Throat Communication Ether upper lungs, throat, mouth, vocal cords
6 Third Eye Indigo Forehead Intuition Light left eye, lower brain (reptilian)
7 Crown Violet Top of Head Inspiration Spirit right eye, upper brain (cerebrum), skin


# Chakra Weak Symptoms Over-Energized Symptoms Blockage Cause Example
1 Root tiredness, cautiousness, afraid of change aggression, reckless, impulsive Moved address
2 Sacral sexual problems, anti-social, repressed lustful, selfish, arrogant Sexual, emotional abuse
3 Solar Plexus mentally sapped, lethargy, isolation nervousness, mentally overloaded Food allergies, poor eating habits
4 Heart low self-esteem, jealousy over-active, over-confident, over-committed Death of a loved one
5 Throat communication problems, submissiveness negative self-talk, criticizing, dominating Overbearing siblings/parents
6 Third Eye self-doubt, forgetfulness, headaches over-sensitive, zoned out No set goals
7 Crown uninspired, feeling misunderstood impractical, unrealistic, over-imaginative Forced religion or beliefs


To Understand How to Use Chakras for Clear Skin, You Must Know How Acne is Caused

Acne can be caused in two ways – hormonal or digestive.

Hormone – Androgens such as testerone and estrogen, cortisol, adrenaline can all contribute to acne.  They stimulate the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum.  Sebum is skin oil.  When this gland is overstimulated, the hair follicle (pore) in which they are located can become blocked.  Dead skin cells, oil and dirt can easy clog a pore.  

When the pore is blocked, the bacteria P. Acnes multiplies rapidly beyond normal levels.  The skin’s natural reaction to unclog the pore is skin inflammation, white blood cells, pus etc.  You can read more on this from the American Academy of Dermatology.

Indications of hormonal acne can include

• Can be severe and cystic

• An increase in acne during menstruation

• Located near/around jawline, mouth and chin


Digestive –

In short, toxins.  

For starters, if you are unaware of foods you are allergic to yet still eat.  Your bodies natural reaction is for the immune system to treat the food as a foreign invader.  A continuous toxic reaction to allergens can cause cutaneous inflammation.

Secondly, if you’re liver is overloaded.  This can happen by drinking too much alcohol or processed foods.  It can also happen by problems with your digestive system. Such as not chewing food properly or not having enough digestive juices in you stomach (can be a lack of zinc).  The liver struggles to clean the blood and detoxify your system.  Toxins then get into your blood and are leached through the skin causing acne.

The elimination of the body is essential for clear skin.

Indications of digestive acne can include

• Flare-ups after eating certain types of food

• An increase in acne during your menstrual cycle

• Correlation with stomach pains, or digestive upset


The Connection with Chakras and Acne

1st & 2nd Chakras (Root & Sacral) – No evidence or claims stating that acne is a sign if these chakras were blocked.


3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) – The 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, is the chakra physically related to the digestive system and the liver.  If there is a blockage here, then your liver and digestive functions may not be 100%.  When really, an acne sufferer needs them to be healthy and active.

This is also true because a blocked 3rd chakra can leave you nervous and stressed.  This can overstimulate sebum production.  Because of too many hormones in the body such as the previously mentioned cortisol and adrenaline.


When doing the sounds for each chakra, it is best also to think of the respective color.


4th Chakra (Heart) – 

A tricky one to explain.  The 4th chakra is responsible for the circulatory and immune systems.  A weak heart chakra means these systems will also be weak.  An over-energized chakra will also mean they’re over-energized.  

An weak immune system can’t fight infection properly.  Zits will seem to be sore and red for ages since your healing is slow.  However, an over-stimulated immune system isn’t great either.  What you need is a healthy immune system.  

An immune system on high alert that attacks any bacteria with too much inflammation is not a good thing.  It will damage healthy skin while trying to stop the invaders (bacteria).  A over-energized chakra, hence over-energized immune system will incur bigger, redder, more sore pimples.


7th Chakra (Crown)

This chakra is directly responsible for our skin.  I find the cause why though stretching the boundaries of reality a little.  It all has to do with our view and look on the world.  Our we see ourselves.  If this is upset we see the image of ourself not effectively correlating with the outside world.  Our image is affected into a physical manifestaion, our skin as acne.  Boom.



Looking to Unblock Your Chakras?

Click Image for Price

An easy and amazing way to unblock your chakras is by using stones.  You can easily get these from Amazon, especially the Stone Set by Chakra Palace (right).

After 488 customer reviews, they’re rated 4.8 out of 5 stars!  Included with the set is 7 chakra stones that correspond with each of your chakras, a sage stick for spiritual cleansing, necklace and a booklet explaining each stone and how it assists that chakra.   For under $25, it’s a must for beginners learning about chakras and taking control.



How to Unblock Your Chakra Points

You can clear these chakras yourself at home.  In addition, you could get acupunture or reiki done as well as massage.  

Also, there are ways in which to clear one single chakra point, not focusing on the others.  To be honest, I don’t align my chakras that way.  Probably should but I tried it and didn’t like it.  I just felt the others always need some attention.  And, it’s best to pay attention to all of them everyday consistently.  Plus variety keeps me more easily involved.

Because, keyword there: consistency.  Doing this everyday is tricky because to be honest – it can be boring to begin with.

You can try it my way first and if after 2 weeks you’re still at, try looking more into clearing blocked chakras. 

I just fork out 15 mins of my day in the mornings to get centered.  The way I do it is a great way to start the day with clear, calm headspace.

So with that in mind here is a quick and easy way though is to align all your chakras early in the morning each day.  This way over time you can begin to heal gradually.



It is important to use your diaphragm whilst breathing doing your chakra work1.  Turn off all devices.  If something interrupts you, your concentration is broken.  May as well start again.

2.  Lay down with with your knees bent but your upper body and feet on the ground.  Preferably on carpet.

3.a I forgot to mention before.  Each chakra has specific sound that resonates with the energy circling in its wheel.  With each chakra we concentrate on we need to make the respective sound.  The pitch you make gets higher as you move up your body starting at your root chakra.

3.b Put both your hands on your root chakra.  It’s located roughly on your pubic hair……funny I know……….but just do it.

4.  Make the sound “Uh” in your lowest voice for as long as you can.  But don’t run out of breath and be all panting and sweaty.  The “Uh” sound should sound like you’re pushing your car to start it.  When you have a flat.  But in a more chanting way.

5.  When you breath in, breath into the bottom of your belly.  Use your diaphragm.

6.  Also, on while you are chanting, think of the color red.  The color of the root chakra.

7.  It’s easiest to use the video below.  For timing purposes as well as a rough idea on the sound you should be at.  With 7 chakras, each chakra in this video gets roughly 2 minutes spent on it.  I can fit in about 5-7 chants in this period of time.  In saying that though, don’t rush it.  It’s best to do it at your own pace and leisure.  It is meditation, relaxing, getting it perfect right isn’t a major priority.



Each respective colors of the 7 chakras8.  After you’ve listened enough to the above video to get the idea.  And, you’ve done a few chants on your root chakra.  Move your right hand to your sacral chakra, keeping your left on your root.  Your sacral chakra is located around an inch below your naval.  You’ll keep your left hand on your root chakra throughout each chakra.  The root chakra is the most important one.  It is your grounding.

9.  With the sacral chakra, you will make the sound “Ooo”.  As in “Oooh La la, but leave out the “La la”.  Make the pitch higher than the root chakra sound but not by much.  Also, think of the color orange.  Keep the belly breathing going too.  Again, you’ll probably get 5-7 chants in before the video moves to the next chakra.

10.  The next chakra is the Solar Plexus.  Move your right hand to an inch above your naval.  This chakra’s sound is “Oh” as in the orgasm sound.  But nowhere near as loud or energized. 😉  Think yellow.  Same deal as before, 5-7 chants then move on.  Belly breathing.  Pitch a little higher again.

11.  The next chakra is the Heart.  Move your right hand to the middle of your chest.  This chakra’s sound is “Ah” as in going to the dentist and opening wide.  Think green.  5-7 chants.  Belly breathing.  Pitch a little higher again.

12.  The next chakra is the Throat.  Move your right hand to the middle of your throat, for guys, on top of the adam’s apple.  This chakra’s sound is “aaa” as in just say the letter “A” for the chant.  Some may argue for the sound “eye” here but for me that is the next chakras sound.  Also, think blue.  5-7 chants.  Belly breathing.  Pitch a little higher again (this is where my voice breaks and I go into my high pitched chants).  

13.  Also, with each chakra sound you can usually tell when you’re at the right pitch.  You can feel the vibrations with your left and adjust pitch to feel it even more in that area.

14.  The next chakra is the Third Eye.  Move your right hand to the middle of your forehead.  This chakra’s sound is “Eye” as in say “Eye” or “I”.  Think Indigo, you can also think just purple.  5-7 chants.  Belly breathing.  This pitch is really high.

15.  The next chakra, and the last, is the Crown.  Move your right hand to the top and middle of your head.  This chakra’s sound is “Eee” sounding exactly how it looks.  Think of the sound Mini Me makes off Austin Powers when he falls.  Think of the color Violet, White is just as good. 5-7 chants.  Belly breathing.  This pitch is as high as you can go.

16.  You’re done.


Everywhere else you read there might be different colors and chants and methods.  Just remember it’s not rocket science where the slightest mistake is detrimental.  It’s meditation, everyone has their own ways and opinions.  This is mine.


Verdict: Chakras and Acne

Rohan Flegler is the Founder of How to Help AcneI couldn’t say wholeheartedly that aligning and unblocking your chakras could heal acne.  However, it certainly won’t hurt.  And, definitely has health benefits.  No form of mediation doesn’t.

I hope you’ve gotten something out of this post.  I know I have writing it.  Plenty of people will blatantly fob off chakras and acne having some sort of connection as superstition.  But for me, it doesn’t and that’s all that matters.

Cheers for reading.


P.S.  Comments and questions are more than welcome.


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