Natural Homemade Treatments for Pimples

Great work, you made it!  Now discover some natural homemade treatments for pimples with simple ingredients and easy recipes.  Blemishes are something that almost everyone deals with at some point in their life. Whether you experience the persistence of teenage acne or you have a zit here and there, there is nothing more annoying than a zit that won’t go away.

7 Ways to Naturally Reduce the Appearance (and Persistence) of Acne


When we have zits, we’re tempted to slather on chemicals and over the counter drugs that promise to reduce redness and size. But in most cases, those chemicals can be harmful and even cause more breakouts. To effectively reduce the size of your pimples, you should try home remedies.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner


Apple cider vinegar is a great natural homemade treatment for acneApple Cider Vinegar is one of those products that can do many different things, and one you probably already have in your cupboards. It is great on skin because it can balance our skin’s pH, preventing acne bacteria from forming or spreading.


Apple Cider Vinegar also has astringent properties, meaning it can absorb excess oil that can clog pores and cause breakouts. Unfortunately, the drying properties of Apple Cider Vinegar can be too drying for some if used too frequently or undiluted. Dry, dehydrated skin can cause your skin to look dull and may even cause you to produce even more oil in an attempt to restore moisture.


To use Apple Cider Vinegar to reduce your pimple size, you’ll want to use it appropriately.


  1. Dilute 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar with 3 parts water
  2. After washing and drying face as normal, take cotton ball and soak in Apple Cider Vinegar and water mixture.
  3. For spot treatment, use a Q-tip to apply mixture only to pimple
  4. Let mixture dry
  5. Apply moisturizer
  6. Use once a day to avoid over-drying

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  1. Milk and Honey Mask


Mixing milk and honey can do wonders for pimplesAlthough consuming dairy can cause pimples and breakouts, using milk or yogurt on the skin can actually help reduce its appearance. Milk and yogurt contains lactic acid, which can be great for calming inflamed acne.  It is frequently used as a base for facemasks.  When mixed with honey, which has antibacterial properties, you can greatly reduce the appearance of your acne or pimples. As one of the best home remedies for pimples, milk and honey masks are even said to have been used by Cleopatra.


To make this pimples home remedy, you will want to use either plain yogurt or milk with full fat. You will also need to purchase raw honey, not the kind of honey that comes in the bear-shaped bottle. Raw honey does not contain extra sugars or additives which can actually cause you to break out.


  1. Let milk or yogurt sit out until it has reached room temperature.
  2. Mix one tablespoon of milk or yogurt with one tablespoon of raw honey.
  3. Stir together until creamy mixture is formed
  4. If milk is used, you may need to apply using a cotton ball. For yogurt masks, which will be thicker, you can use your hands.
  5. Apply layers of mask until desired thickness is created.
  6. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Rinse with warm water


  1. Tea Tree Oil Treatment


Tea tree oil as a natural homemade remedy is a effective solutionTea tree oil is one of the natural homemade treatments for pimples. As a natural essential oil that has been used for pimple treatment for centuries, tea tree oil is a tried and true remedy for keeping skin clear. Unlike the oil that our skin produces naturally, tea tree oil has antibacterial properties to prevent acne-causing bacteria from growing and spreading to cause new breakouts. Tea tree oil can absorb the extra oil that your skin produces, clearing pores and preventing pimples from forming.


Like Apple Cider Vinegar, tea tree oil can be damaging to skin if used too frequently or if used undiluted. Only a few drops of tea tree oil can be enough to effectively clear skin and reduce pimple size. However, you will not want to ingest tea tree oil as it is not safe for anything other than topical use.


Tea tree oil can be added to face washes or mask for additional skin-clearing properties, but it is most effective when used as a spot treatment.


  1. Create a mixture of 1 part tea tree oil and 9 parts water.
  2. After washing and drying face as usual, soak cotton ball in tea tree oil and water mixture.
  3. Swipe soaked cotton ball across breakout.
  4. Allow to dry.
  5. For spot treatment, soak a Q-tip in mixture
  6. Press Q-tip to pimple and let sit for a few seconds.
  7. Allow mixture to dry on skin.
  8. Apply moisturizer over skin once mixture is dry.
  9. Start out slowly, only using mixture once a day.
  10. As your skin adjusts, you can use mixture more frequently.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer


Aloe vera has many uses including being a super fighter against pimplesIf you’ve ever had a sunburn, you know that aloe vera gel has powerful properties for repairing skin and reducing inflammation. But did you know that aloe vera gel is beneficial for other types of skin conditions or problems, including acne? Because it is soothing and anti-inflammatory, using aloe vera gel can help reduce the appearance of acne while also treating your pimples.


As one of the most basic home remedies for pimples, you do not need a whole list of ingredients to use aloe vera gel to calm and treat your acne. However, you may want to be picky about the aloe vera gel you use on your pimples. Although the colorful store-bought product can be great for sunburns, there are usually additives or colors in these products that can be harmful or irritating for acne. You will want to purchase a natural aloe vera product or use an aloe vera plant to get the most benefit.


  1. Wash and dry face as normal
  2. Take a small drop of aloe vera gel on fingers or clean Q-tip
  3. Spread aloe vera gel over breakout
  4. Add additional aloe vera gel to large pimples
  5. Allow gel to dry


More Natural Homemade Treatments for Pimples…

  1. Oatmeal Scrub


Not much better for blemishes than an oatmeal maskGreat for healing acne and reducing the appearance of pimples. While oatmeal is great at calming irritated skin and reducing the redness of breakouts, you should not rely on oatmeal alone to cure your acne.


When making an oatmeal scrub, you may want to add additional ingredients that can cure acne. One of the most popular additives to an oatmeal scrub is honey. Milk or yogurt can also be added to oatmeal if you would like to make a powerful face mask. However, using oatmeal as a scrub can remove dead skin that can get into your pores and create clogs, facilitating breakouts.


  1. Take a small handful of plain steel cut oatmeal
  2. Add a few drops of water or milk to allow the oatmeal to soften.
  3. Apply softened oatmeal to skin
  4. Leave mixture on skin for about 5-10 minutes
  5. Scrub mixture in circular motion
  6. Rinse with warm water
  7. Because oatmeal may clog sinks, you may want to consider rinsing in your kitchen sink.


  1. Avocado and Honey Mask


Another natural home treatment is a mix of the superfoods avocado and honeyWhile we’ve already talked about the powers of honey when used in home remedies for pimples, avocados are another powerful mask ingredient for our skin. If you’re a fan of eating avocados, you already know that it is a great superfood full of antioxidants, mineral, and vitamins that our bodies love. This same idea also applies when applied topically to our skin.


Avocado can be a great mask ingredient if you are allergic to milk, yogurt, or just find you are extremely sensitive to using dairy on your skin. When mixed with honey to make a skincare mask, you will get all the vitamins and minerals of the avocado and the antibacterial properties of the honey.


  1. Start with one small to medium avocado and one tablespoon of honey.
  2. Mash up the inside of the avocado in a bowl
  3. Add tablespoon of raw honey and mix together
  4. Use fingertips to apply the mixture all over face
  5. Allow to sit up to 20 minutes
  6. Rinse with lukewarm water
  7. To avoid clogs in bathroom sink or shower, rinse over kitchen sink
  8. Apply your favorite moisturizer.


  1. Make Tea


Green tea help acne both inside and outFrom this study, green tea is considered successful for combating acne.  It is assumed that a pore has been clogged when we think about pimples or breakouts.  While this is a major reason of breakouts, they can also be caused if we aren’t nourishing our bodies from the inside. As our body’s biggest organs, a breakout on our skin can mean that there are toxins in our body looking for a way out.


This is why it is recommended to drink tea for natural home treatments for pimples. Green tea, which is full of nutrients, can help clean the body of toxins that may be causing you to breakout. As a bonus, you can also apply tea topically to calm skin, reduce inflammation, and relieve your skin of a stubborn breakout. To get the most out of tea as a home remedy for pimples, you will want to use it internally and externally.


  1. Boil water and place in one green tea bag
  2. Allow tea to steep for about 5 minutes as instructed on tea packaging
  3. Remove tea bag and set aside to cool.
  4. While tea is warm, drink up.
  5. Once the tea bag has cooled to a comfortable temperature, rub over breakouts or all over face.
  6. Allow tea to dry.
  7. Use your favorite moisturizer.


Thanks for Reading!

If you’re experiencing stubborn acne, don’t fret. With these pimples home remedies you can clear your skin.  As well as reduce the appearance of pimples, and have a complexion that you’re proud of. Don’t continue to smother your skin with harmful chemicals that can actually make your skin worse. If you want to reduce the size of your pimples and minimize your skin irritation, give these seven home remedies a try.


Do you have any natural homemade treatments for pimples that you didn’t see on this list? Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!


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