Juniper Oil for Acne

What makes Juniper oil for acne an effective treatment is the natural ability to kill acne vulgaris.

Juniper oil is made from the berries of Junipers.

juniper berry for acne

Juniper berry oil has raw, pure detoxification, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.  This makes Juniper oil for acne a great option.  It will has a natural ability to help with skin irritations such rashes, bites, dermatitis and acne.  It can also be used to fight infection such as that caused by Propionibacterium


How does Juniper Berry Oil Help Your Skin?

Juniper berry oil also contains naturally occurring astringent properties.  This means it can shrink pores.  Larger pores make the skin look wrinkled and old.  Applying juniper oil could preserve your youthful look.


Detoxifying Qualities of Juniper Oil for Acne

Since Juniper oil is chock-full of polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants, free radicals are scavenged.  In other words, some molecules in juniper oil have unpaired electrons that seek to pair up with other substances quickly, neutralising any harm.  Juniper berry oil acts as a diuretic.  It aids the digestive system and can flush out toxins and free radicals.


Have Any Studies Been Conducted Regarding the Effectiveness of Juniper Oil for Acne?

One study concluded that Juniper oil for acne exhibit acne-fighting properties that may be used in topical applications.  It also found that the Juniper berry for acne was promising since it displayed antibacterial activity with acne vulgare.



How does Juniper Berry Oil Help Acne?

The direct application of juniper oil for acne on people helps in several ways.  First, the antibacterial properties fight P. Acne.  The astringent quality of juniper oil shrinks the skin’s pores to make them smaller.  Small pores decrease chances of a pore being blocked.  Small pores also help the skin stay smooth and look younger.


What Exactly are Juniper Berries?

Juniper berry essential oil for acneJuniper berries or Juniperus communis, are considered more of a cone.  It’s appearance though is more like that of a berry, being fleshy.

Juniper oil can be light green or yellow, even colourless.  This is a bit counterintuitive since the berries are actually blue or black.

The Juniper tree is a conifer.  There exist over 50 species of Junipers which are spread across the Northern Hemisphere.


Where Can I Get Juniper Berry Oil From?

Juniper Berry 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential OilJuniper oil can easily be attained from your local pharmacy.  There’s also an amazing range on Amazon with the amazing reviews and comparisons.  HowtoHelpAcne’s favorite choice is Healing Solutions Juniper Berry 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil rated 4.3 out of 5 with 322 customer reviews.


How Do You Apply Juniper Berry Oil?

Juniper berry essential oil can be applied directly to a spot with 1 or 2 drops.  Another way to treat acne is to add juniper oil to a bowl of hot water.  Place a towel over your head and lean over the hot water to let the steam sooth your face.  This is a great long term solution.

You can also add a few drops of juniper oil to water and drink to aid digestion and detoxify your body.


What Else Can Juniper Berry Oil Be Used For?

Juniper oil has an amazing, fresh, sweet aroma with a crisp and wood touch.  Juniper oil has been known to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety.

Juniper berries were once used for to fight arthritis and bronchitis.


Other Interesting Facts about Juniper Berries and Juniper Oil

The Navajo tribes once used Juniper as a source for calcium as they didn’t drink milk.



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