Jojoba Oil Moisturizer for Acne

Over-production of sebum can lead to an oily complexion and blocked pores.  When bacteria is added to the equation, the result is acne.  As a treatment, using jojoba oil moisturizer for acne is really beneficial.  And here’s why…


Jojoba Oil and Sebum

Jojoba Oil Moisturizer for acne is really effective.Sebum lubricates the epidermis and keeps it supple. Jojoba oil is unique among plant extracts in that it mimics sebum.  

Our bodies can’t tell the difference between the two.  

That’s why jojoba oil is effective as a moisturizer for acne-prone skin; it’s absorbed very rapidly and leaves pores open and unclogged.  

Jojoba oil also has anti-bacterial properties which discourage acne.  Jojoba helps heal and prevent new blemishes by breaking down sebum in already plugged pores, while simultaneously balancing oil production.  

Sebum is the skin’s natural moisturizer.


Jojoba Oil: Nature’s Best Moisturizer

Take a good look at the label on your moisturizer.  Does the list of chemicals read like a lab experiment gone wrong?  Your overall diet may be healthy… but have you ever really thought about what you’re feeding your skin?

If you have a dry, sensitive or acne-prone complexion, the chemicals in your moisturizer may be doing you more harm than good.

Fortunately, there’s a natural product on the market that’s effective and inexpensive.  And, ideal for sensitive or troubled skin.  Jojoba oil may be the answer to all your skincare needs.


Where Jojoba Oil From?

Does Jojoba Oil help acne? Yes!Jojoba oil is pressed from the seed of the jojoba plant, a shrub native to northern Mexico and southern parts of California and Arizona. Native Americans used jojoba for generations to treat everything from sores, burns, bruises and scrapes, to sunburn and windburn.

A Bit Of Trivia – Native Indian must have walked around with lustrous tresses!  They were the first to use jojoba oil as a hair conditioner and scalp treatment.



Jojoba oil isn’t technically oil at all. It’s a wax that’s liquid at room temperature, and contains vitamin C, as well as traces of sulfur, cobalt, copper, and tin.   All things great for acne.

Jojoba oil is valuable for use in hair and cosmetic products because of its emollient, restorative, and anti-inflammatory qualities.  It also softens and heals acne scars and stretch marks.  As well as prevent and minimize wrinkles.


Have Faith…and Stick With It

Some jojoba oil users notice a worsening of their acne before it improves, which indicates that the oil is performing a sort of pore “detox”, bringing acne to the surface before healing it.


Jojoba and Sensitive Skin

Can Jojoba Oil cause acne? Unlikely!Jojoba oil is ideal for sensitive type.  Again, because it mimics the skin’s natural secretions.  It leaves pores open and functioning optimally.  Unlike mineral oil, jojoba doesn’t promote redness or inflammation.  

People with sensitive skin are often frustrated because they know they’ll react badly to standard cosmetics and cleansers.  But, can’t identify the specific irritant.

With jojoba oil, you’re using a pure, natural substance that calms and softens the skin and doesn’t act as an allergen.


Jojoba and Dry or Aging Skin

Because it forms a water resistant barrier on the skin, jojoba oil is a fabulous moisturizer for very dry or aging skin.  It can encourage the skin to stay moist and supple. As already stated Jojoba oil can stop over-production of sebum.  But it also remedies under-production.



Jojoba Oil can be squeezed from the seed. And, help cystic acne.It softens the skin like a good moisturizer should, while encouraging the skin’s own natural lubrication to work more efficiently.  If your oil glands are over-active, jojoba will calm them down.  If they’re under-active, then it will encourage more sebum production.  

Jojoba oil can also be helpful to people suffering from eczema and psoriasis.  By encouraging the skin to balance itself, .

From a perspective of pure vanity – jojoba oil is a boon because it can minimize the wrinkles you do have and stop you from getting more. (Or, from you getting them in the first place!)


So How Do You Use Jojoba Oil Moisturizer for Acne?

Just add 10-20 drops to your favorite moisturizer or body cream.  You can also use it “straight”.  A little oil goes a long way.

Generally, only a few drops are required when moisturizing your face.  Three dabs usually does it: one on the forehead, two on the cheeks, and then blend.  It may feel oily at first, but will be quickly absorbed.

If you have very dry skin experiment a bit to see if you need to apply more for maximum benefit.


Any Proof?

Yep.  Check out this study.  It provides a little insight.  If you want to get to the crux of it.  Simply search for the term “acne” once opened and inside it (CTRL + F).

It simply explains what has been iterated here.  That Jojoba Oil Moisturizer for acne is effective.  That it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  And, that it is proven to soften and delay pre-maturity of the skin.


Where Can I Get Jojoba Oil Moisturizer From?

Now Foods Organic Jojoba OilAmazon's best reviewed Jojoba OilAnywhere, really.  Jojoba oil can be found in heath food stores and drugstores.  Always look for 100% pure, organic, pressed jojoba oil.

Unrefined natural jojoba oil is easy to spot.  It comes across as a golden color and has a not unpleasant oily smell.  So look out for that!  You should be able to get a bottle for about $10 and it will last for ages.  Literally, an age.

You Can Also Try Amazon.  You can see to the right Amazon’s best reviewed jojoba oil.

As you can also see (left), it is rated nearly 5 stars!  It is 100% Certified Pure Organic.  And, contains many of the nutritional compounds mentioned and has an invigorating smell.

It is currently being sold for $8.14!  (as at 02/22/16)



Jojoba Oil as a Moisturizer

If you have acne-prone, sensitive or dry skin, jojoba oil may be the product you’ve been waiting for.  It’s natural, inexpensive and lasts a long time It has high potential to revitalize your complexion.

To those of you who’ve been struggling for years to attain “normal” skin.  Go try some jojoba oil.  It’s “normal skin” in a bottle!

Thanks for reading!  And, if you have any queries or insight.  Be sure to leave them below in the comments.




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