Hot Lemon Water For Acne | 2 Simple Steps

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Drinking hot lemon water for acne is one of the easiest, most effective ways to clear your skin.  It’s easy to do and my results were noticeable in days.  If you’re serious about reducing your acne, it’s one of those things you can’t afford not to know about or not do.


How to Make Hot Lemon Water for Acne in 2 Simple Steps

Blended Lemons to Make Lemon WaterThere are several ways in which to make lemon water.  Personally, I do it in the following way.

1. I use a blender to liquefy the whole lemon, bar the skin, with added water.

2.  I then slowly heat this lemon water on the stove for a few minutes.  However, I try not to make it too hot, definitely not boiling.  I do this while readying breakfast in the kitchen in the morning, like making my toast or boiling the kettle for my green tea.

I do it this way to get the whole added benefit of the pulp of the lemon, which is supposedly where most of the vitamins and nutrients are.  I wanted to give myself the best chance of fighting acne.

Although, it is safe to say my acne is all but cured, I still drink hot lemon water for the other added benefits.  I also think that it keeps any flare-ups at bay should the possibility of any blemishes ever return.



Also Remember…….Drink Hot Lemon Water for Acne

The power derived from this acne fighting method is not only from the lemon water, but also self-discipline and some consistency every morning to do it!



The Second Way

The old way I used to have my lemon water, was physically squeezing the juice out with my hands (this seemed easier than dirtying the juicer every day).  Obviously, you can do it whatever way you wish.  Then once the juice is ready simple add hot water from the kettle or stove.

I used to add some cold water afterwards just so I can drink it straight away. Again, you might like sipping it for 20 minutes or so, I’m just about speed, that’s all.




Be wary of pouring boiling hot water into/onto the lemon juice as this can deteriorate some of the enzymatic properties.  Thereby, reducing some of the benefits.

Drinking lemon water as a cool drink is supposedly just as effect as drinking it warm or hot.  However, I’ve never tried this, I’ve never really had to.  Drinking it hot has always had the desired result of helping with my acne.  If you’d rather do this, give it a try (if you do, I’d like to know the results, leave me a comment telling me how you went!)

You don’t need to use the lemon skin, I never have.

Try to use actual lemons and not bottled lemon juice or any other kind of ready made lemon juice.  The benefits are still there but nowhere near as effective.
Fresh Lemons


The Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water for Acne

Lemons and lemon juice are sour to eat and/or drink due to having a high percentage of citric acid.

Its nourishing qualities for the human body have been known, tried and tested throughout history.  Which we now know comes down to its high Vitamin C content and being a natural antiseptic.  Citric acid itself is also great way to control and eliminate free radicals in the body.

Vitamin C is vitally important to wound healing and the immune system.  Great characteristics in the fight against acne.

To begin the day with having a hot cup of lemon water first thing in the morning is the best way to clear toxins out of your body.  Not only does this help in your fight against acne (removing toxins = less acne) but also it serves as a general boost for your entire system.

The small intestine can be a store can acne causing bacteria; hot lemon water has anti-bacterial properties.

Although lemons are acidic, once ingested they have an alkalizing effect in the body.  By reducing the acidity in the body you are hereby reducing inflammation.



The Other Added Benefits

Lemons for AcneAlthough my main motivation for drinking lemon water began to help cure my acne, I was astounded to find out the other benefits it added to my life.

Weight Loss.  Drinking warm lemon water helps with weight loss by reducing cravings, cleaning out waste better and serving as diuretic, hence managing your water weight.

Alkalinity.  Mention has already been made about this.  However, it is such a tremendous bonus since the body likes being in an alkaline state rather than an acidic one, due to slower tissue breakdown among other things.  The benefit of a pH level below 7 (alkaline) includes decreasing a fatter liver, bad cholesterol and unhealthy food cravings.

Potassium.  Lemons being loaded with this essential nutrient.  Potassium is great for the brain, heart, treating hypertension, lower your stroke risk and as a post-workout food.



What Are You Waiting For?

You’llLemons Cheap and Easy be amazed at the results of adding lemon water to your acne routine. I know I did when I added to mine.  I can recall how quickly the results were showing on my face so easily because I remember it being just so fast.  Somewhere between a few days to one week.

I would like to add though.  I’ve suggested this to a few people over the years and they’ve gotten back to me with results that varied, a day or two to month to nothing at all.  I guess it comes down to everybody’s reaction is different and as you probably already know there are a few things than cause acne.

But really, you can’t afford not to try this.

The downside is that your acne doesn’t reduce. However, I can guarantee you are most definitely adding positive health benefits to your body.  I would suggest even if you don’t see the results you want to keep up with this treatment.  Although you may not be drinking hot lemon water for acne, it is a quick and easy routine to get into.

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You never know how something might change for the better!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or queries or would simply like to add something, just comment below.



Free PDF Download of this Article – Hot Lemon Water for Acne

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