Holistic Ways to Treat Acne | What are the Secrets?

THE BEST HOLISTIC ways to treat acne focus on the Mind, Body and Soul.  A complete all-round approach.  We’ve all started the journey to cure acne with harsh creams, wonder pills and visits to the doctor.  All of which have probably failed. 🙁

Holistic Ways to Treat Acne
What is the Deeper Issue?

Stages of AcneAny number of things can cause the symptom we know as acne.  Look at the image on the right.

The acne on your face is from blocked pores or hair follicles (1). They’re blocked from an overproduction of sebum, the oil on your face (2).  This sebum, mixed with dead skin cells can block a pore (2).  Which can cause a comedone, either a blackhead or white head (3).  Once the pore is blocked, it is open to inflammation and infection (4,5,6).  If this happens enough, it can leave the pore damaged (7).

But why is there excess oil in the first place?

Why do the dead skin cells block the pore?


What Causes These Things?

The answer can be a bit tricky.  There can be few reasons why and they’ll differ for each person.  But they all have to do with the Mind, Body and Soul.

Hence, a whole body, universal and natural program is a great approach.  3 things.  All connected.  That work in synergy, helping or hindering one other.  I know this may sound crazy!!  But bare with me…… 😎


Holistic Ways to Treat Acne – Mind, Body, and the Soul….

1. Your Mind….

Stress as a Cause of AcneYour mind plays an important role on the road to acne freedom.  To begin with.  It’s no secret stress, anxiety and depression plays a sinister part towards acne.  And, the worst part because stress causes acne…..Stress from acne can create more stress and more acne!!  

What?  Oh.no!!  Which is one slippery slope.

Stress releases the hormone cortisol into the body.  In turn, this stimulates sebum production.  So more sebum means more blocked pores.  As well, it can also burn through all the acne fighting vitamins that your body has received from food.


What Can You Do?

1.1  The Mirror

Stop Picking Your FaceFirst, the mirror.  (Or, the camera on your phone for that matter.)  Stay away from them.  

The more you look at you skin, the more depressed you’ll get.  I noticed a shift for the better the moment I stayed away from the bathroom mirror.

You’ll stop picking and squeezing your face – which, by the way, is detrimental to your skin.  Picking and squeezing pushes bad bacteria further into the skin and leaves scars.

When you stay away from the mirror, you give your mind and acne hysteria a rest.  Acne is off your mind, it lowers stress caused by acne.  Believe me, if you do this.  YOUR FACE WILL GET BETTER.  It did for me and it will for you.

Surprisingly, it is quite easy to make a conscious effort to stay away from looking in the mirror too.  The first week or so may be tempting to look at your face.  But, once you’re past that and in the habit of doing it.  You forget about your acne.


1.2  Write affirmations

Affirmations for AcneThis is also a simple yet very powerful tool.  Every day I write one affirmation 15 times.  You can do this for as long as you want until you feel some changes.  Usually, you can feel its power within 10 days and if you can do it for 21 days or longer.  

You’ve then created a habit.  And, You’re plain sailing 😛

A quick google search will help you find tons of information about the wonders of affirmations.  It’s easy to do and changes your thought pattern easily.  

As a simple guide line though they need to be positive, present, and personal.  When writing them, imagine the affirmation already happening.  Slowly say them as you write them with passion.  

Do this and you’re well on your way to clearer skin.

Affirmations Heal AcneFor example you could write, “My facial skin is healthy, clear and glowing today”.  It was the one I used for months.

Affirmations work through repetition.  Your affirmation will burrow its way into your subconscious.  You’re mind eventually believes what you’re trying to tell it!

Change your mind.  Change your perception of yourself and you’ll change your life.  Personally, I found it works by getting me to eat better, be more positive, lower stress and stick with getting clearer skin.  

Try it.  I promise you’ll be amazed!


2. The Body….

Good nutrition, regular exercise and healthy, natural sleep will help or EVEN heal your acne.  

All you need is the right advice.  Although looking after the mind is very important.  Your body will be the one to clear your acne.

You need a strong immune system, reduced free radicals and fuel to aid in nourishing your skin.  Remember your body, mind and soul are connected as one.  So taking good care of your body is essential.

Remember the questions asked before?  Like, “Why do pores get blocked?”  Well, diet plays a huge role.  If you consume foods that stimulate sebum production (like coffee).  You’re inadvertently encouraging acne.  Stay away from refined things.  Such as sugar, white rice, pasta, fish sticks, cookies, ice cream etc.  

This all mess with the body’s natural hormone balance.


What Can You Do?

2.1  Diet

Salmon is the Best for AcneI abide by the old adage, “You are what you eat.”  

There is no doubt in my mind that diet and acne are strongly linked.  How can it not be?  Diet plays a role in every other ailment.  Diabetes, dental, cancers, weight loss, bone health, mental health etc.
Poor skin health due to our diet is mostly not our fault though.  

(I say mostly because sometimes we really could have skipped out on that KFC the other day.)

The problem is our Western culture with regards to food.  

Companies using preservatives and dubious additives.  Modern agriculture using growth hormones on cattle or dangerous chemicals on produce.  It’s no wonder we’re getting acne!

The best thing to do is eat whole foods.  That means food that has had the least amount of tampering done to it before you eat it.  Reduce packaged and refined food products.  Just imagine what an isolated farmer would eat and do that.  Fresh meat, fruits and vegetables.  Eggs, raw milk and water.

Here are 3 foods I think are the most powerful.


**3 Most Powerful Acne Fighting Foods**

Hot Lemon Water –  Having a hot cup of lemon water in the morning is a great way to start the day.  This will clear the toxins out of your body that could have come out of the skin.  Less toxins, less acne.  It is also a fantastic way to boost your immune system since it is packed full of Vitamin C.

Lemon water also has an alkalizing effect on the body which can reduce inflammation.

Salmon – This super food species of fish is packed full of Omega 3.  Omega 3 is an unsaturated fat.  (The Good Fats).  It has incredible anti-inflammatory properties.  

And, also reduces hyperkeratinization.  Which is increased production of keratin – a component that makes up skin.  This in turn leads to more dead skin cells and blocked pores."Spinach When buying salmon make sure it is wild salmon and not farmed.  Farmed fish has less nutrients.

Spinach – Having spinach everyday would be awesome.  It’s easily affordable and available.  Spinach is packed full of Iron and Vitamin E.  Both great for the skin.  This is because it helps collagen levels and blood flow.  Spinach also contains anti-oxidants ready to burst into your immune system.

Spinach is easy to eat.  I usually put it into a smoothie or just eat in a salad.  And makes up part of my awesome natural treatment.

2.2  Sleep

Healthy Sleep Improves AcneA crucial part of any holistic ways to treat acne is good quality sleep.  The easy thing with sleep is you know when you’re not getting enough or getting quality.  Sleep is when the body does its replenishing and rejuvenating  Which is pivotal for clearer skin and healing inflammation.


Tips for better sleep include:

-Going to bed at the same time every night

-Not sleeping during the day, 10-15 power naps excepted


-Winding down at night eg. reading for 30 minutes before bed

-Sleeping in a pitch black room

-Avoid eating too much before bed

-Putting a dab of Lavender Oil on your pillow

-Avoid stimulants

I suffer from sleep apnoea and I know I’m not alone.  One trick that helped me with this, I learned at a Buteyko seminar.  Just before bed, measure your resting heartbeat.  Then for 5 minutes take normal breaths; however cut each breath a little bit short at the end.  

Gradually what happens is you have a slight discomfort of needing air.


Keep this feeling for the whole 5 minute breathing exercise.  Then measure your heartbeat again.  It will be higher.  Do this every night and your measured heartbeats should eventually converge.  You should sleep better.  And, you’ll feel the difference relatively quick.

Also, make your bed higher at the head end.  Not by much, just an inch or two.  I put books underneath the bed posts (the ones I don’t read!)  This will make you’re breathing easier and hopefully improve sleep.


3.  The Soul….

Meditation and AcneFirst, hear me out.  I think taking care of your feelings, emotion and life force is critical not just for acne but for living.  However, it’s mostly ignored.  This is either because people considered it unimportant, nonsense or are simply unaware.  

Your attitude, courage and faith is the last piece of the acne puzzle.

What is the worst part about acne?  For me, it was how I FELT about acne.  


And feeling terrible becomes are habit.  You’re encouraging all sorts of negative thought patterns and other habits that will adversely impact you.  A vicious cycle that spirals out of control.

Ever heard of the book, “Think and Grow Rich”?  Or, Earl Nightingale’s, “We Become What We Think About”?  It is so true.  These men were talking about wealth and success.  However, the ideas they put across, leak over to all aspects of out life.  If acne consumes your life.  You WILL get more acne. 😳

You will subconsciously wish for and do things that will bring about more acne.  It sounds absurd but I wouldn’t lie to you.  Do some research on Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret” or read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill.

You need to take care of your soul.  Nourish it and it will show in your skin.


What Can You Do?

3.1  Meditation

Having time out from the world nourishes the body, mind and soul.  I find the best way to clear the rubbish out of your mind is to meditate.  There can be many forms of meditation aiming to do different things.  For me, meditation brings on the calm.  And, to promote mindfulness (being present).

Meditation can be hard to do for several reasons.  1) It can be seen as boring.  2) It can be hard to focus on one thought.  3)  It can be seen as unimportant and not worth the time.

Clear Out the Rubbish with MeditationThat’s what they were for me anyway.  Though I’ve changed my mind big time since.  I always look for the easiest way to do things, but somehow still do them properly.  So here is how I meditate…..

1.  Download one of the many apps to your phone.  Enough said.  It’ll walk you through what to do and it won’t take long.  I don’t do this anymore because for me now – I just like to sit in the quiet.  A good app to use is called “At Ease”.

An app like this will simply tell you when to breathe.  What to listen for.  What to focus on.

2.  If an app isn’t for you.  Try doing what I do now.  It only takes 15 minutes.  I sit on the edge of my bed

3.  I think about my affirmation.  I repeatedly say to myself whatever affirmation I have been writing at the time.

4.  Also take long, slow deep breaths.  You’re body can’t help but be relaxed.

5.  When you’re mind begins to wander – which it will.  Recognize this and gently bring it back to the affirmation.

6. Focus on your chakra points.  Chanting, dropping in the breath and aligning your chakras can help heal your acne.

7.  It will take some time before you can do this well.  Thoughts and feelings will come rushing to your mind as you sit.  This is a good thing.  Once you recognize this thought and let it slip away.  You’re essentially clearing out the trash!!

  • Believe me it will take time.  I’ve been stuck on thoughts my whole meditation sessions.  (Without even realizing.)

Meditation will help calm you.  It will give you’re body, mind and entire being a rest.  And, a great skill to learn for life not just as an end to acne.


3.3  Faith

Keep the Faith, Stick with Your Acne PlanBringing an end to acne may seem an alien concept at the moment.  

But it will happen.  That is why you need faith.  You have to BELIEVE that this will happen.  That the scourge you know as acne will leave.  If you just stick to a regime that has been tried and tested by other with success.  You’ll surely succeed yourself.

This is quite a major point.  Without it, the others are just ideas with no action.  Which is useless!

You’ll need faith especially during the hardest times.  Sometimes doing a change for the better may seem like a bad idea when you’re acne actually gets worse to begin with.  But the night is darkest just before the dawn.  You’re acne getting worse at the beginning of any treatment is a good sign.  

And, it will clear.  I promise!

Thanks very much for reading.


Any queries, just post them below!


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