Quick & Handy Dieting Tips for Adult Acne | Key Points


Does Diet Even Play a Role as a Cause of Acne?  


In my opinion, Diet for Adult Acnethe answer is undoubtedly yes.  I’m no doctor though.  Just an acne sufferer that cleared blemished skin through clean living and healthy eating habits.

Although the trick to beating acne does not rest solely in your diet.  Because there are a few other things to consider.  It’s just the foods you eat are critical in your success.  And, the most probable variable that you have the most control over.


As Hippocrates states, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”


And, sometimes the word diet is misconstrued.  You’re not going on a weird celebrity diet. 😮 …..You’re not just going to be eating purple foods only…… Or, raw celery and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s simply removing what might irritate acne.  And, trying to add what counters it.&amp


Quick Diets Tips for Adult Acne

When it comes to acne and diet we need to look at foods that help acne by fighting inflammation or strengthening the immuse system.  And, we also need to remove foods that aggravate inflammation or cause/produce the acne itself.  When it comes to foods that cause acne, we need to remove foods that upset the natural balance of our hormones.  The main hormones responsble for acne are the androgens such as testerone.  So avoiding foods that for one reason or another produces more of these hormones in our bodies is a good idea.  We also need to take care of our gut and digestive tract so we need foods that keep the balance between good and bad bacteria.  Bad gut bacteria also is a cause of acne.


Eating Less


The first food you’re looking to remove is sugar.  Our blood sugar level should remain relatively constant.  Although there are natural fluctuations, some foods can accentuate these fluctuations that it becomes a problem for our skin.



The second is preservatives.  Preservatives these days are in many of our foods.  This isn’t good because some are not at all god for our bodies.  Some are hard to break down and some are just downright toxins.  If they poison our bodies too much, they overlaod the liver and begin to come out of our skin.  Leading to acne.  The best approach for avoiding toxins is to just avoid refined foods.  Which can be hard sometimes.



The third are the nightshades.  A family group that could be considered poisenous.  I discovered the nightshades for a different reason other than acne.  I have backpain and my naturopath said to avoid the nightshades.  Since they incide inflammation and further aggravate pre-existing inflammation.  When I cut out the nightshades my backpain improved.  But also my skin.  I couldn’t believe it.  A few nightshades include tomaotes, capsicum, paprika, white potatoes, peppers and eggplant.

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TheAvoid Energy Drinks to Help Acne fourth are the stressors.  This is one of the harder ones to cut out because it includes coffee!  Other stressors include energy drinks (redbull), spice, alcohol and foods high in fat and salt.  They invoke acne by having a direct impact on stress hormones such as cortisol and insulin.  They activate these hormones’ glands to produce more which in effect produces more sebum (face oil) in our sebaceous glands (the glands inside our pores on our face).  When these glands over produce oil, a pore can get clogged.


Adding More

Lemon Water

You’re looking at adding hot lemon water in the mornings.  This is great to expulse toxins from our body in the mornings.  A great way to start the day.  Less toxins equals less acne.  For all those looking to lose weight too, it is supposed to help your metabolism as well.


Blood Type

Eat More to Your Blood Type to Help AcneEating more towards you’re blood type.  This may sound strange but the results speak for themselves.  This topic probably needs an article on its own.  However, for a brief outline I’ll just say this.  Our ancestors who lived all over the world ate foods that fit their lifestyle and geographical location.  And, did this for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years.  Their bodies become so accustomed to the foods that ate every day that eventually they become their superfoods.  For instance, I’m blood type A+.  So for me, pineapple, grapefruit, tofu, and salmon are my superfoods.


Omega 3

Eat Wild Salmon for Omega 3Adding more Omega 3.  Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the human body.  Both are very important.  The consumption of these two fatty acids should be consumed at a ratio of 1:1.  However, our diets these days tend to blow this proportion out so that Omega 6:3 is around 10:1.  This is where problems start.  In the body, they compete for the same enzymes to turn into a hormone that helps with inflammation.  As you can see, a ratio that is heavily favored towards Omega 6 means less Omega 3 struggles to be turned into the hormone.  So eating a diet with more Omega 3 will help with inflammation.  Omega 3 also helps mental stability and cognitive aging.

Foods with higher levels of Omega 3 is predominantly seafood and flaxseeds.  I don’t really agree with taking supplements so the easiest thing to eat is perhaps salmon and tuna.  Make sure it is wild though, not farmed.


Vitamin C and Zinc

I think most people know these two well-known vitamins are great for your skin.  Vitamin C gives the immune system a good boost.  While Zinc is also good for the immune system. Zinc also soothes the skin from the outside in and the inside out.  It also helps the renewal of new skin cells.  Foods that are rich in both Vit C and Zinc are: dark green, leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds and blackberries.  Grapefruits are packed full of vitamin C.  Oysters are packed full of Zinc.


The Best Diet for Adult Acne will consist of:

Whole Foods – As in foods that have almost been completely untampered with by the time you eat them.  This includes fresh fruit and vegetables.  Farm meats, free-range eggs, whole grains and nuts.  Essentially, avoid all refined foods, especially white refined foods like white bread and white rice.


For the most detailed outline of recipes and more suggestions of what to eat and not.  There is a wonderfRemove Stressors to Help Acneul website known as The Love Vitamin.  The founder, Tracy Raftl offers some comprehensive e-books about acne and how to deal with it.  Better yet, there are programs available on her site that not only cover diet but also things like how to wash your face.  Ways to approach hormonal or digestive acne.  And important areas of your life like being able to control stress and exercise properly.



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Key Takeaways

Eat a diet that consists of whole foods.  Plenty of seafood like salmon, free-range eggs, fruits and vegetables.  Personally, I put an emphasis on grapefruits, lemons, spinach, broccoli, carrots, lentils, and blackberries.









2 thoughts on “Quick & Handy Dieting Tips for Adult Acne | Key Points”

  1. Hi Rohan,

    Although I do not suffer from acne I found your article very interesting and helpful. I do on occasion get breakouts of spots and by the sounds of things it could be due to my stress levels plus the amount of coffee and wine that I drink when I am stressed. I have recently changed coffee for red bush tea and it also has an amazing amount of properties to help a lot of health conditions and to keep you healthy in general.

    I agree with you about avoiding refined and processed foods as they are no good for any part of your health.

    I look forward to reading more about blood types and the foods you should eat, this sounds very intriguing and something I have never heard of before.

    All the best.

    1. Hi Lis,

      Thanks for dropping by, I’m glad you found some useful tips in this article too!

      To be honest, I’ve never heard of red bush tea but now that I have I’ll will definitely found out more.

      When I create a post about blood types and the foods one should eat I’ll put a link in to it from here.


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