Dandelion Root and Acne

What is a Dandelion?

The effects of dandelion leaf and acne are positive.The whole plant can be eaten for a variety of reasons.  However, for our purposes.  We want to see the benefits between taking dandelion root and acne.

Where is it Found?

A dandelion is a flowering plant found worldwide.  Mostly in Eurasia and North America.  It is also known as Lion’s tooth or Taraxacum.


Which part of the Dandelion?

The roots!  Although the using the whole plant is beneficial.  However, the root has the highest concentration of goodness.


How Does it Help Acne?

The benefits of dandelion root and acne are highly positive and supported by studies.Dandelion are known to help acne in several ways:

For centuries, Dandelions have been used medicinally to treat liver problems and infection.  Acne can be known to be caused by a sluggish and overworked liver.  When this happens, toxins are purged out of the body in other ways.  Such as the skin.  Accordingly, dandelions can help with liver function and detoxification.


What Else About Dandelion Root and Acne?

  1. Acne also develops by an overproduction of sebum.  This, mixed with extra shedding of dead skin cells or impurities on the skin can block a pore.  However, acne doesn’t fully develop until bacteria is trapped in the pore.  The bacteria known as acne vulgaris is found naturally on the skin.  It otherwise doesn’t cause problems until it is trapped in a pore.  When it is, it causes inflammation and an infection.  Dandelion can help acne redness and inflammation by treating this infection.
  2. Dandelions have compunds in them that have anti-inflammatory effects.  These are known as sesquiterpene lactones.  They may also have anti-cancer properties.
  3. Acne can be caused by having low stomach acid.  Dandelion can have the effect of energising digestive function and can increase acid secretion.  And thereby reduce acne.
  4. Dandelions are also high in a number of essential nutrients.  These include Vitamins A, C, D and the B complex.  All help with the body’s fight against acne.


What the Studies Say:

This study reiterates much of what has already been mentioned above.

It also says that taking dandelion can normalize blood sugar levels.  Foods that immediately boost insulin because of high sugar levels can cause acne.  So avoiding high sugar foods and taking dandelion can heal your skin.

The study goes on to say that dandelion is quite safe.  Although, a minority can be allergic..


Where Can I Get Dandelion Root?

Dandelion root has traditionally been used for inflammation.Tablets – You can get dandelion root from your local health food store. Some drug stores may stock it.  Though the best option is to go with something that packs a bit more punch.  And, really work to fix your skin.

AcnEase – There is a product on the market known as AcnEase.  It contains dandelion.  But it also has other great natural and botanical ingredients as well.  These include Gardenia Fruit, Houttuynia, Scierotium, Balsam Pear and Leaf Mustard.  Check out more in my review about the herbal ingredient packed into AcnEase here.

Tea – You should be able to buy dandelion tea from health food stores, drug stores, tea shops or supermarket.  Roasted dandelion tea tastes great!

Tincture (Oil Extract) – Again, something that can be purchased from health food stores, drug stores, tea shops and some supermarkets.


Thanks for Reading!

I hope this has helped in some way.  If you have any questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate to post them below.




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