Chromium Supplements for Acne

Have you ever tried Chromium Supplements for Acne?  You may have tried most of the regimens you know, but it seems like they are not working. Now, you’re getting more stressed because you have seen that acne on your face again.


can chromium help acneHaving these breakouts is truly daunting most especially if it’s a special day and you need to look your best. Having it, not only makes you feel embarrassed, but it can also ruin your day.

There is actually a supplemental way to combat this issue and bring your skin back to normal.  So say goodbye to those harsh chemicals that make your problem worse.

Fortunately, chromium supplements for acne was discovered as a great and effective way to eliminate this skin issue.


What is Chromium?

Chromium, best-known as an essential trace element, is a mineral found in the body which helps in proper digestion.  It also helps regulates the blood sugar levels.

Therefore, it is an essential nutrient you need to balance the level of blood sugar. It is also useful if you aim to reduce your cravings for carbohydrates and starchy foods.

Studies have proven that chromium does not only act as a carb-craving buster, but it also works efficiently in skin damages and irritation. Taking enough amount of chromium can alleviate skin rashes bringing it back to its healthy look.

This mineral can also break the cycle of acne formation in the face before it totally fluctuates.


Causes of Acne

How acne works is when the gland produces excess sebum.  Oil gets caught in the follicle, which can cause inflammation along with bacteria and dead skin cells.  You can avoid this skin issue through diet and hormone balance.  However even then, there are unavoidable cases wherein it can still occur.

Many factors cause this irritating skin problem. You might be surprised that some of the foods we regularly eat can cause acne.

Some examples are bread, bagels, potato chips, milk chocolate, dairy, pizza, and soda.  You may have noticed that some of these foods contain gluten just like bread.  This culprit can cause sensitivity and irritation to the skin, so it is better if you opt for gluten-free foods if you can’t live without bread.

Acne can also be caused by the hormonal changes in the body that is why it is most prevalent during the adolescent stage.  It is the time where the androgen level rises, and it boosts the production of oil, which is known as sebum.

Genetics also has something to do with these breakouts.  It is possible to happen because the genes of the first-degree relatives can contribute to skin sensitivity.  If the parents’ skin is prone to acne, the higher is the risk for the child to have the same problem.

Other contributing factors are the chemicals you apply in your skin, air pollution, stress, and frequent or intense washing of your face.

Remember that acne is not only caused by these various factor or exposure to dirt, but it can be due to lack of nutrients we supply in our body.


How Does Chromium Supplements for Acne Help?

It is highly recommended to take chromium if you want to have brighter and healthier skin.

It can transform the starches and sugar we consume into energy instead of them harming the skin.  This powerful mineral improves the metabolism of glucose resulting to proper regulation of sugar in the body.

It means that it enhances the body’s glucose tolerance and helps regulates the hormones.  Therefore, taking enough amount of chromium can keep the blood sugar levels normal.


Where Can Chromium Supplements Be Purchased From?

Chromium can be bought from most pharmacies or drug stores.

For the best deals though and a range of chromium pills, you can head to Amazon.

The best chromium supplements are from Solgar (left).  They’re rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 251 customer reviews.  The price at the moment are under $10!

This product is sugar, dairy and gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians as well as being kosher.

Are There Any Side Effects of Chromium?

Always remember that you only need to take enough amount of chromium for you to see its results.  The suggested dosage for adults is 200-1000 mcg per day.

Chromium is likely safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children but they need to limit the consumption up to 29 mcg, 44 mcg, 5.5 mcg per day, respectively.

Exceeding to this suggested amount will result in dizziness, mood changes, skin irritation, nausea, and impaired thinking and body coordination.  In worst cases, it can seriously lead to liver and kidney damage and blood disorders.

Also, chromium can also significantly reduce the blood sugar level in the body if you are going to take it together with diabetes medication.


Can Chromium and Zinc Be Taken Together?

Chromium, when combined with zinc, can work together forming a powerful supplement.

Both have different properties, but they can complement the function of the one another.  Zinc is a quality element that improves the body’s immune system.  Besides, it promotes proper metabolism of the body’s testosterone, which is also one of the primary contributors of acne.

Zinc functions by regulating the oil glands and boosts the formation of collagen for healthy skin. It also plays an antioxidant which protects the skin against free-radicals that produces acne.

So, incorporating them into your daily diet keeps your body away from skin problems, thus, giving you a healthy and young-looking skin.


Can Chromium and Selenium Be Taken Together?

Chromium supplements for acne can also be taken with selenium.  Selenium is another compelling element which can be taken together with chromium.  It plays a significant role in healing many inflammatory conditions such as acne and eczema.

It serves as an antioxidant that also functions in protecting other kinds of antioxidants like vitamin E.  Therefore, combining this mineral with chromium helps the prevention of acne and heals skin inflammation.

Eating healthy foods is not enough if you want to achieve acne-free skin.  You can start taking chromium supplements to prevent vitamin deficiency and to enhance the functions of this nutrient in your body.

Furthermore, some minerals you get from foods are not quickly absorbed by the body, so it is better to include supplements in your daily regimen.  However, foods that contain high levels of chromium include beef, potatoes, broccoli, grape juice and barley.

Taking chromium supplements is one effective way to prevent the fluctuation of skin problems.

Just remember to take the proper amounts for each if you want to take them together to avoid their side effects. More than that, incorporating it with other healthy and beneficial minerals like selenium and zinc results in the excellent impact on your skin.



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