Can’t Wait to Clear Your Blemished Skin?





Imagine Being 95% Clear of Acne in Just 6 Weeks Using a Natural Treatment



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Have You Ever?

This is Shayla from Indiana.  She has provided a testimonial for The Love Vitamin giving her support.Looked at your best friend and just being downright jealous of their clear skin?


 Thought, “OMG, I’ve had acne now for 5 years, or even 7, 10+”


Freaked out.  Not knowing when it will all end?


Imagined being absolutely free of acne?







If You Answered Yes….


Then congratulations on making this discovery.  Don’t let acne rule your life anymore.  You can now naturally treat your skin and live a confident happy life.


The sooner you start, the quicker you’re going to be rockin’ out.



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I’This is Tegan who hails from Vermont.  Tegan is giving a thumbs up toward The Love Vitaminm talking about the Naturally Clear Skin 6 Week Online Bootcamp” at a website dedicated to helping acne called The Love Vitamin!


The founder, Tracy Raftl, has been featured on Cosmopolitan, the Wellness Wonderland, Health Beckon and Paleo for Women.






The “6 Week Bootcamp” is the Champion of Natural Acne Treatments


The Love Vitamin e-BookIt is My #1 Recommendation because of some easy solutions to common acne problems.  The need for good advice, and an entire acne system, including some 1-on-1 personal help.  All completely online.


It gets better though.  Much better……


The Love Vitamin emphasizes that the BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF.  You just need to give it the right tools and care!     


I’ve made a table of my findings because I hate using 1000 words when 100 will do….



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  This is what is included in the 6 Weeks Online Bootcamp at, plus so much more.



Acne Solutions
Website    Other Acne Websites
Podcasts Not Often YES!
6 Week Bootcamp Definitely Not YES!
Weekly Guide on What to Do No YES!
Skin Care Regimens Occasionally YES!
One Payment, No Recurring Fees Never (or very rarely) YES!
Recipes No YES!
Weekly Meal Plans No YES!
Support when times aren’t easy? No YES!
Coaching calls available? No YES!
Can you get an e-book for free? Finally, a Yes…lol YES!
Can you contact the owner? No YES!
Is it easy to get help? No YES!
Do I recommend this? No Of Course! – Why It’s #1










What Exactly is the “6 Week Bootcamp”?


Over 6 weeks (or at your own pace) from the comfort of your own home, simply follow the weekly modules to clear your skin.


This is Luci who hails from England giving a testimonial about the benefits of The Love Vitamin websiteIncluded in the Bootcamp also are workout videos, journals, skin care regimens and important information that varies from week to week.


It involve recipes, workouts, worksheets and acne routines.


The e-book included “Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom” was an absolute eye opener.  I feel the “Ultimate Secrets to Acne Free” is priceless.  It alone just about saves you!


The information offered will have you looking at acne in a totally different perspective.  After finishing reading the e-book, you’ll realize how possible clearing your skin really is.








It’s not.


Within a typical weekly module you’ll can easily see what to do.  There are step-by-step guides.


With the meal plan, the recipes are there. And these meal plans are full of various deserts, snacks, and of course, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The options are endless.  And they’re all acne friendly.


The workout videos show you exactly what to do.


It’s incredible.  In no time at all, I bet you can go from being defeated to feeling born again!






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Phwoar! More Cool Fun Stuff?


The charming thing about The Love Vitamin?  The Community.  You can ask any question and you’ll be sure that someone will help and answer.

  Bootcamp Choice

Or, just give their love and support!


You also get live Q&A coaching calls with Tracy the founder of The Love Vitamin.  She is there for support if you need it! Woo-hoo!!


Imagine having your skin clear in 6 weeks! YOU ARE BOUND to come out on top.








The Benefits?


Happy and Acne FreeWelcome joy into your life again


The freedom of healthy, clear skin is yours


No more hours in front of mirrors.  Especially before a night out


 Enjoy compliments from your friends and family about your healthy, smooth skin


Change the way you view yourself with a skyrocketing self-esteem


Have more energy and be happier you


Most importantly!  Healed and revitalized skin!



Bootcamp Screenshot







It’s Totally Affordable!


As well as a risk-free money back guarantee, the overall value of the material you will receive when you decide to join the Bootcamp is an estimated $1160 of worth.  


For now, however, for your private membership the price is much lower.


For the best value, act now today for the discounted, one-time payment of $149. With no hidden fees or ongoing costs, that is more than 87% off!


Over the 6 weeks that works out to be $3.55 a day.  The price of a cup of coffee!  Except this is even better because you have an exclusive lifetime membership!


Consider over the years the money spent on creams, pills, dermatologists, and other weird and wonderful treatments and that will no longer be an issue for you!  


The Bootcamp is ready to download at your convenience.  You can easily get started within the next 10 minutes.


Why wait?  Aren’t you sick of acne?  Don’t miss out, get relief now!


Also available is a plan of 3 equal payments of $55.  That is $55 now, $55 next month then one more after that.  For a total of $165.






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My Story


Rohan from How to Help AcneYou can see my profile in Bootcamp membership area so I’m there for support as well.  Ask me questions if you’d like.


I like helping out!


If you have any other questions about the best treatment for adult acne – The Love Vitamin 6 Week Bootcamp.  Just post them below!!









Join the Others at The Love Vitamin Bootcamp









6 thoughts on “Can’t Wait to Clear Your Blemished Skin?”

    1. Hi Rebeca, I know how you feel because I felt the same. I felt that way for years. People, like myself, have overcome acne so have faith that you can too. Implement good eating and sleeping habits but most of all – find out as much information as you can about how acne works and what you can do about it. Just keep trying.
      Warm regards Rohan

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