Best Mud Mask For Acne from an Ancient Sea

THE BEST MUD MASK for acne has around 21 natural minerals! Best Dead Sea Mud Mask for Acne is right hereOf those, 12 are purely confined to the region.  And, where is that?  The Dead Sea.

But first….

Hello dear reader, and thanks for stopping by.  In this article you’ll find out:

•  What is Fangotherapy?

•  Why to use mud masks?

•  Why, when and how?

•  What skin types are best suitable?

•  And, Why Dead Sea mud is the best?



Fangotherapy is simply the word for treating ailments with mud and/or peat.  Which is what we’re doing here by using mud masks for acne.


Why Use a Mud Mask to Help Acne?

There are four good reasons as to why to use a mud mask.

1.  It’s a great exfoliant.

Using a mud mask can help keep your pores unblocked and stave off pimplesRemoving dead skin cells will lower the risk of blocked pores.  It will speed up the process of the skin healing.  Benefits to your skin will include better skin texture and absorption.  Large pores will appear less prominent.

2.  It’s a great moisterizer.

Rehydating the skin helps blood circulation in the skin.  This means better healing, improved toxin removal, and a boost in collagen levels.  Putting moisture back into the skin nourishes the skin and gives it a hand with elasticity.  Protect against sun damage and reduce the signs of aging.

3.  It’s a great absorber.

Mud will leach out all the bad acne causers such as toxins, chemicals, impurities and excess oil.  Cool thing too is that it never actually enters the pore.

4.  It’s a great nourisher.

Mud masks have a significant nutritional value.  Vitamins and minerals that are wonderful for the skin.


So Does Mud Help the Skin?

Yes.  Studies have also concluded this to be true.


How Often Should You Use a Mud Mask?

It’s generally a good idea to go by what the product’s instructions recommend.  Or, by what your health care professional recommends such as your dermatologist or aesthetician.

With a mud mask this can be anywhere from 1 -3 times a week.  The more ‘wet’ a mask stays can mean that it can be used more throughout the week.  For example, clay masks should really only ever be used once per week.  Since they’re drier.

Over-usage can nullify the initial benefits of using a mud mask by breaking your skin’s natural lipid barrier, i.e. drying out and irritating your skin.


When to Use a Mud Mask?

Mud from from the Dead Sea is the best for facials.

When you have time.  You generally have to leave them on for about 10 minutes.  So the rush in the morning before work may not be the best time.

The main point here I wish to stress is not to use if you have a big event the next day.  Mud masks will bring to the surface underlying pimples if you have acne, so it will appear to make your skin worse for a time.  Don’t worry, it’s normal.  They’ll bring to the surface a pimple or two if you have acne prone skin.

So do it a few days before the event to give your face a chance to clear.  And, it will stay clear for a time because those underlying pimples are gone.  You need to take long term measures though to permanently clear your acne.

To fix acne forever you need to fix your hormonal and/or digestive acne.  You can do this by doing things like taking a probiotic, avoiding alcohol and coffee, drinking lemon water, lowering stress, eating better, getting more sunlight etc.


What Makes Up the Mud in the Mask?

Mud is a mixture of water and some soil, clay, sand, peat or silt.  The difference being clay has the smallest granules, silt is a bit bigger and sand has the biggest.  A mixture of these make up soil.

So mud mask has more silt than clay.  A clay has more clay particles.

In one sense or another, they are ally just different sizes of the same stuff.  So what is this same stuff?  It can be quartz (silica), chalk, marble, limestone, calcite and mica.  Different combinations of these along with oxygen levels and other factors can give different colours.

In the mix as well is plant matter, salt, micro-organisms.


Which Mud is the Best?

The best mud mask is taken from the rich mineral content mud from the Dead Sea.It needs to be natural with minimal additives.  If there are, they need to be natural as well.  Like honey or green tea.  Pretty much all mud masks are vegan products as well, having not been tested on animals.

Any mud mask will have its benefits.  There is Fuller’s Earth, Black, Volcanic, Alpine Moor, Bentonite Clay, White Kaolin Clay and French Clay Mud.  My favourite though and the best mud for your skin is the French Mud Clay.  Also known as Sea Mud.  And, the best sea mud is from the Dead Sea.



The Best Mud is a Dead Sea Mask?  What is That?

A Dead Sea Mud Mask is literally a mask made of mud from the Dead Sea.  And, it is the best mud mask for acne.  Also look at this great quote from Marco Harari in his study – Beauty is not only Skin Deep: the Dead Sea features and Cosmetics.  

“In vivo and in vitro studies demonstrated clearly the high potential of the Dead Sea minerals for cosmetic purposes.”


Why Use a Dead Sea Mud Mask?

A Dead Sea mud mask is the best for acne prone skin.Out of all the mud masks available it will bring you the most benefit.

The Dead Sea is situated on the borders of Israel and Jordan.  It is renowned for its unparalleled healing properties.  I always remember it for having too much salt and being able to float easy.

However, it is because of its high concentration of salt that it has its wonderful healing properties.  The mud product of the Dead Sea is rich, having around twenty-one natural minerals.  Better yet, twelve of those are natural minerals are purely confined to the region.

It is especially high in the trace elements boron, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium.  These minerals help with circulation and relax your face.

Calcium is great for the lipid barrier function.  A lack of it can leave dry skin.  Potassium is great for keeping the skin’s electrolytes balanced.  Boron is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.



Why Else Use Mud from the Dead Sea?

Dead Sea Mud Masks doesn’t really much added to it.  It’s pure because it’s best pure.  It doesn’t need other preservatives or chemicals.

It will leave the skin rejuvenated, hydrated, smooth and clean.  As well as balance your skin’s natural pH levels.

As previously mentioned, it will exfoliate the skin.  This is from first gently massaging the mask on and then when it dries, bringing out the dead skin cells.  This is great for acne sufferers because you can remove dead skin cells with harsh chemicals or scrubbing.  It’s also a great moisturizer, healer, hydrator and nourisher.

**Like taking a holiday to the actual beaches of the Dead Sea, you can feel and experience the positive effects first hand.**


What Skin Types Does it Suit Best?

A Dead Sea mud mask helps me with my acne prone and dry skin.
The best mud mask for acne is from Dead Sea mud.  It helps me with my dry, acne prone skin.

Mud is more ‘wet’ and stays that way for longer.  Clay masks tend to be dryer.  Depending on what you need and what skin type you have can dictate what type of mask you’ll need.

I could say Dead Sea would be great for all skin types but it’s simply not true.  Well, I think.

Clay masks would be better for people with more oily skin.  It can be better at absorbing nasties such as excess oil, dirt, toxins etc.  They tend to dry out more and do it quicker.  They tighten the skin better.

Dead Sea Mud Masks are more ‘wet’.  The Dead Sea Mud Mask would do the same thing.  The clay mask does it better.

However, clay masks are usually powder.  Meaning you have to add water.  They’re typically messy and can go onto your face in splotches and can be ineffective.  Dead Sea Mud is typically untampered with, purified, but untampered.  Ready to go.

Dead Sea Masks are great for those with combination skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, changing or if you’re just unsure.


What are the Other Additional Benefits?

• Reduced effects of aging.

• Reduced cellulite.

• Minimized wrinkles.

• Reduced the look of larger pores.


Which Product is the Best Mud Mask for Acne?

A great review of Pure Naturals Dead Sea Mud MaskThe Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals.  It’s a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  It’s what I use and consider to be the best mud mask for acne.  Check it out for yourself, it has a 4.6/5 star rating from over 3000 customer reviews.  Find out why I think it’s the best with my quick review here.


Cheers for reading, hope it helped!



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