Bentonite Clay Health Benefits

Bentonite is the name for a large group of medicinally used clays.  This is an article about those bentonite clay health benefits.

For centuries clay has been used by people for medicinal purposes because of its health and healing benefits.  It contains the mineral Montmorillonite which consists many unique properties.  These include the absorption of heavy metals and other toxic substances.  Essentially, this makes it a key ingredient in a detoxification or cleansing process.


Bentonite Clay Health BenefitsClay has been medicinally used by many indigenous tribes including the people of South America, Africa, and Australia.  It was often used as a regular staple food in their diet and was eaten with meals.  The Egyptians, Romans and many other ancient civilizations used clay in their daily bathing rituals.  Bentonite clay can be found throughout the world, although it is originally considered to come from areas of Wyoming.


Currently, one of the largest manufacturers of Bentonite clay is the United States.  The word, Montmorillonite, comes from the minerals discovery in Montmorillon, France.


Because of its different properties and types Bentonite clay has a number of useful purposes.  These include everything from construction, metal working, and wine making, to medicine and farming.


Its fine grains make it excellent for construction, cement mixing, and certain aspects of pottery.  In many areas of heavy farming where nutrients have been depleted from the soil clay, it can be used to replenish the soil.  Bentonite clay almost acts as a fertilizer for the earth.


In medicine Bentonite clay is used both externally and internally extracting toxins from the body.  The clay may be used either externally as a face or body mask or ingested as a natural colon cleanser for detox.  When used on the skin, it can be used to clear the skin of impurities and heal anything from acne to rashes.  It helps to increase blood flow which helps to then filter the cells and rejuvenate the skin.


A great mud mask for acne is the Dead Sea Mud Mask found here.


Internally it is used as a detoxifier for drawing out heavy metals and toxic substances.  Although, when subsisting at high levels within the body, can be poisonous.


Animals figured out long before us the health benefits of clay.


Bentonite Clay Deposit

Butterflies are often seen gathering around mud puddles after a heavy rain.  They dine on the nutrients and minerals that are derived from the wet soil.  


Birds such as parrots have often been seen flocking to natural clay deposits where they lick, eat and roll around in the clay.  Essential vitamins and minerals and can be beneficial to any wounds they may have.


Because of clay’s ability to absorb large amounts of water and expand it is able to attract substances and draw them in.  It has a negative charge which also causes it to attract other impurities such as heavy metals.  


When using Bentonite clay its interaction with water causes it to expand.  This draws out impurities from the substances it is in contact with.


Furthermore, clay is packed with healthy vitamins and minerals that it leaves behind to nourish cells.  With these unique properties Bentonite clay is the perfect natural detox product.   Cleansing and replenishing your system at the same time is also another benefit.  Being completely natural, it is safer to use than manufactured detoxing products.


Another bentonite clay health benefit is detoxing.  Which has become an ever more popular topic today.


People are realizing the benefits of ridding their bodies of built up toxins and free radicals.  Many people are turning to diets as methods of “detoxification.”  Detoxing can improve overall health.  Some studies suggest it may be able to prolong our lives or even reverse the effects of aging.  When cells are able to work freely without the burden of toxins in our body they are able to work more efficiently.


Bentonite Clay Mask for AcneDetoxing is essential in the digestive system and skin.  Exposure to toxins in our world through the air we breath and the foods we eat, can accumulate in our system.  When your digestive system is free of extra toxins and impurities it is able to more effectively filter blood and bodily fluids.  Subsequently, this improves the health of the rest of the body.


Bentonite Clay comes in many forms such as pills, powder, and tubs and can be found at your local health food store.  Keeping the clay in an airtight container is best.   Metal containers should not be used to store it because of the ability to attract heavy metals.


Definitely using Bentonite clay for the skin as a mask is simple.  Mix with a small amount of water or add a small amount to a face mask recipe and apply to the skin.


Clay masks can be implemented into a weekly beauty routine. When first starting a clay mask routine it will draw impurities to the surface of the skin and may cause breakouts, but it will clear up as you continue to use the clay.


To help with daily digestive system regularity take 1 to 2 tablespoons of clay, or as directed by a physician. When doing a clay detox the clay should be taken preferably on an empty stomach or before or after a meal and with plenty of water so that clay can be used to do a complete colon cleanse.


Bentonite clay is a wonderful solution for anyone searching for a natural and healthy alternative way of living.  Using Bentonite clay is beneficial to your everyday and long term health.  Providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals is vital.  Detoxing with Bentonite clay is one of the best solutions for improving the health of your body.


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