Benefits of Calendula Oil for Skin

The benefits of calendula oil for skin include heightened skin regeneration and soothing skin irritations.  More importantly it is used for preventing premature aging, skin re-hydration, and killing skin bacteria.

You could argue then that applying Calendula oil to your skin is like putting on a rehydrating moisturizer that kills bacteria.  While also soothing and healing any cuts or grazes while eliminating any premature aging.  Not bad for an all-in-one ointment.

So how does calendula oil help acne?


Calendula Oil and Acne

calendula oil and acne

As an acne fighter, Calendula oil kills the acne bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes, which leads to infection.  It may also help in the removal of acne scars.  Either way, it makes for a great facial oil.

Calendula is full of anti-oxidants like Vitamin A carotenoids (lutein and beta-carotene), terpenoids, glycosides, voletile oil and flavonoids.  These compounds can assist in the prevention and removal of dead skin from clogging pores.  Vitamin A can also better control oil production.

Another great oil for combating acne is to try Argan Oil.

Calendula flower has also been known for digestive tract remedies such as constipation and cramping.  As well as detoxifying the liver and gall bladder.  Some research has even gone as far to say that Calendula reduces the risk of some cancers and improves eyesight.


Evidence from Studies

The benefits of Calendula oil for skin is irrefutable and backed up by peer reviewed studies.

Once studies suggests that after a month of applying Calendula oil, it prevents UV-B-induced alterations of the skin.  This translates to mean that the rays responsible for sunburn are affect the skin less after consistent topical application of Calendula oil.

A more relevant study that relates to acne has cited that 0.04% flavonoids provides satisfactory treatment of acne.

A third study found that Calendula was effectively potent in use against of twenty-three fungi extractions.

Calendula can also be ingested to realize these benefits.


Mixing Calendula Oil with Drinking Calendula Tea for Acne

Inducing Calendula tea has the same benefits as applying Calendula oil topically.  Acne has repeatedly been linked to digestive problems where Calendula has been known to promote gut health.  The Vitamin A content can also help with acne by the body converting these to retinoid.

So how long have the benefits of Calendula been known?


History of Calendula

benefits of calendula oil for skin

Calendula oil is derived from the flower of the Calendula officinalis plant.

Calendula is a native, herbal plant to Southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean and Western Europe.  It is also known as Marigold.

Calendula has wound healing, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.  It was widely used for medicinal purposes.

However, just be careful if you’ve never used Calendula oil before.


Word of Caution

Although the calendula petal is able to be picked and eaten straight from the flower, calendula has been known to be an allergen.  Therefore, calendula oil should be tested first on a small patch of skin while being avoided altogether during pregnancy.

But apart from that, the benefits of Calendula oil for skin far outweigh the negatives.


Interesting Fact about the Benefits of Calendula Oil for Skin

During the American Civil War and World War 1, Calendula oil was used when dressing wounds as an anti-septic and anti-haemorrhagic.

Calendula adds a great flavour to a salad and is often used to add a nice yellowish colour to cheese and butter.


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4 thoughts on “Benefits of Calendula Oil for Skin”

  1. Hi,

    This sounds like an oil that will really help with skin conditions, I had no idea that marigolds contained such wonderful properties.

    It seems to have many benefits for your health as well as your skin.

    The fact that it is available in tea as well is great.

    Where is the easiest place to purchase this oil and is it expensive?


  2. Hi There!

    Thanks for this information about calendula oil!

    I’ve struggled with acne for the better part of a decade now, and sadly I don’t think the end is anywhere in sight, as my mom (who’s nearly 65) still deals with it. It’s just a genetic thing, but I’ve tried many therapy/removal techniques with minimal success.

    As I have very oily skin already, I’ve always been a bit averse to applying MORE oil, but it seems that the anti-bacterial properties of calendula could be greatly beneficial for me.

    Thanks again and I’ll be on the lookout for my own supply, although I’ll be careful to test it on a small patch of skin before applying to my whole face!

    1. Hi Tucker!  Thanks for commenting!  Calendula oil is amazing to combat acne.  Definitely give it a try!

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