This Lady Fixed Her Acne and Can Now Help You Too!

What Exactly is Being Offered?

A book to get clear skin!  

By correcting an imbalance in the body.  Acne is a symptom of something deeper.  Fix the root causes and your skin will no longer show the signs of inflammation.


This Includes:

This is Shayla from Indiana. She has provided a testimonial for The Love Vitamin giving her support.Digestive – Correcting your gut is a main focus.  This is not just about staying away from chips and chocolate.  This is about eating foods that nourish the skin, balance stomach flora, clear inflammation, boost the immune system, remove candida, and control your body’s natural oils.

Hormonal – Our hormones, predominantly insulin, androgens and cortisol stimulate the overproduction of sebum (our natural face oil) which can lead to clogged pores and inflammation.  There is a way to control these hormones, such as through diet, reducing stress, exercising, breathing properly, and limiting toxins.  There is also a guide on what to do when you stop taking birth control pills or in relation to acne caused by menstruation.

Skin Care – This is a simple one to fix.  For some, the advice on skin care in this book may alone save you.  Once you’ve discovered what you should be doing with your skin, you’ll be amazed at how easily and effectively you can manage your skin with overwhelming results.



What Would It Feel Like to Be Confidently Clear of Acne?


Are You Sick Of:

 This is Luci who hails from England giving a testimonial about the benefits of The Love Vitamin websiteSeeing a friend’s smooth clear skin and wondering, “Why me?”

  Counting the years go by where you still have inflammation?

  Not going out sometimes because you are embarrassed?

  Not being the confident person you want to be?

  Sick of being covered in pimples?



Did You Answer Yes?

This is Tegan who hails from Vermont. Tegan is giving a thumbs up toward The Love VitaminThen your life is about to change big time.  A lady has fixed her acne naturally.  The way acne is supposed to be cured and can help you too!

A cure exists.  Imagine knowing it?  

The best acne treatment is NOT ABOUT taking wonder pills or putting harsh creams on your face.

If you’re doing that – Don’t.  It’s about correcting acne at the source of its cause.
And, it is found at the website

Where Tracy Raftl (the founder), has been featured on Cosmopolitan, Harvest Your Health, the Wellness Wonderland, and Paleo for Women for her efforts in the fight against blemished skin.




The Blueprint to Curing Acne is Found in this Book

The Love Vitamin e-BookThis book is My #1 Recommendation.  Why?  First, it gives you an understanding of what acne is.  How it starts, why it stays, why it gets worse….

Don’t let your acne get worse… Please!

This book will change your life and your whole perspective of acne.  But not only that (and most importantly) it will give you the formula to clear your skin!



Acne Solutions
Website Other Acne Websites
Free e-Book Available? YES! Maybe
Promotes Natural Solutions YES! Definitely Not
Tried and Tested Methods YES! Apparently
Testimonials YES! Occasionally
Low Cost, Economical YES! Never (or very rarely)
Added Benefits? YES! No. Usually Side-Effects
30,000 Subscribers and Counting? YES! No
Informative Blog Posts YES! Sometimes
Deliver on Promises Made? YES! No
Actually Works? YES! You Guessed it. No
Do I recommend this? Of Course! No


Seem Tricky?

No way!This is Tracy Raftl's before and after shots. The founder of

This 200 page book is easy to download.  Actually reading it is even easier.  You won’t be able to put it down because of the insight you’ll be gaining.  Besides it doesn’t take long to read anyhow.

Then you simply can’t wait to implement what you’ve learned.  And, watch your skin heal itself, it’s such an amazing process.  Curing acne from inside out and from the outside in.

You actually want to start and stay that way when you begin seeing results.  For most it’s a matter of weeks, some a bit longer, for a lucky select few it is a matter of days.  And remember, nothing tastes better than how having clear skin feels.



The Benefits?

 No More Acne!

Skin that is clear but also glows!

A feeling of pure health and a sharp mind!

 A happier you!

Confidence, confidence, confidence!

Moving on to bigger and better things!



Woah, How Much? That’s Awesome!

Just $29This is the book that will remedy cutaneous inflammation..

Also included – 2 bonus videos! And, a 60 day money back guarantee.

How much is trying to get clear skin unnecessarily costing you a week already?  

The creams, lotions, antibiotics, and dermatologist bills….The list goes on.  Scrap all of that because it never ends and it never works!

The best part though?  Considering the wealth of knowledge in her book, Tracy values it at $99.

But you can get it right now for $29. That’s 70.7% off!

It works out to be $4.15 a day for the next week.  You pay that for your coffee!  Or, a dollar a day for the next month!


Do you want to get rid of your acne? Please let me help you.



My Story

Rohan from How to Help Acne

I suffered bad for skin years!  I understand the pain and shame associated with acne.  And, I’m happy to say I’ve overcome this plight and you can too.

I researched for years on what works and what doesn’t.  I did trials and tests on myself with varied results so I know first hand the foods and methods you should be doing.

My one single piece of advice is that let this book become your “bible”.  After you’ve finished reading it, read it a second time.  And then read it again, and again.  You too, can then become an acne expert!

If you have any questions, no matter how simple or silly you think they are, PLEASE post them below!  By doing so you’re helping others.



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