Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals Review

A GREAT MUD MASK for acne is definitely the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals.


Welcome dear reader and acne survivor!  

As a personal user, I think it was valuable find for myself.  And, I recommend its use to you.  But first check out why…I hope the contents of this review will help make your mind up on whether this product is the best thing for you.


What are the Ingredients?

Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals ReviewAll the ingredients are natural and can contribute to healthy skin in some way.

Aloe Vera Gel – A substance contained in this plant contained is called ‘anthraquinone’, it can promote the creation and restoration of skin cells.  I’ve written a full post about the benefits of using aloe vera gel for acne.

Calendula Oil – This oil from a type of daisy that calms the skin, calms inflammation and protects the skin from releasing histamine.  Which isn’t great for the acne or the epidermis in general.

De-Ionized Water – Rids the water of any contaminants or toxins

Dead Sea Mud – The good stuff, the reason I buy it.  21 Minerals that your skin loves.

Hickory Bark Extract – Used as tonic for arthritis by Native Indians back in the day.  Also is anti-bacterial in nature.

Jojoba Oil – Hard to explain.  Jojoba oil is much like the skin’s natural oil – sebum. Essentially, it tricks the skin into thinking there is enough sebum already on the skin.  So the skin doesn’t produce sebum, thereby reduces acne. 

Kaolin – A mineral that’s good for oil control and good for sensitive skin.

Shea Butter – The extract of the nut that has an emollient effect on the skin.

Sunflower Oil – A moisturizer.

Vegetable Glycerin – Used to keep the mud moist and improve smoothness.

Xanthan Gum – A byproduct cultured bacteria.  It’s safe.  You can find out more here.  Essentially, Xanthan Gum is used to keep the water in the mud from pooling after sitting for too long.  It is also known to hydrate the skin.  There have been some questions posted on forums though on whether Xanthan Gum can actually cause acne.  But this is from food products where Xanthan Gum has been added.  The verdict on whether it causes acne when digested is still out.  But it is quite safe to put on the skin.

So How Does it Work?

By gently applying the mud to your skin and leaving it to dry you accomplish several things;

The actual application of the mud to your skin acts as an exfoliant.  It clears dead skin and and unclogs pores.

When the mask dries the it pulls out any foreign particles, excess sebum, impurities and toxins.  The beauty of this mud is that it will never dry your skin out too much.  Which reduces your risk of acne.

The mud is full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.  Supplying your skin with the fuel it needs to remain healthy and pimple free.  It will also re-hydrate your skin but reduce oil.


Where Can I Get the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals?

An simple and easy solution is through Amazon.  At the moment, this product is on sale listed as $14.95 down from $49.95.  So you save 70%.

Customer reviews and rating of Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

Amazon is a trusted company that ships fast.  They have a great return policy on most items that are unopened and returned within 30 days.


Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals Review

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