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Acne product reviews itself is big business these days, so there is the possibility of reading a review that blatantly lies to you just in order to earn easy revenue.  The fight against acne is already hard enough, trying to separate the good acne products from the bad.  

Did you know though, that this problem is so highly prevalent and been around for years that people unknowingly are caught more than once?

An affiliate marketer should promise that never will they do that to you.  I’m an affiliate marketer but I also had acne.  Before I came to own my very own acne website, I was caught with what I know now…..were phony reviews.  You can tell bogus acne product reviews because the authenticity is not there if the author hasn’t had acne.


They Just Don’t Get It!!

As an ex-acne sufferer, I don’t want my pain to be your pain.  I have sifted out what works and what does not by compiling a list of acne product reviews to help YOUR acne and save you the heartache.

Trust me.  

I know you’ve probably already spent 15 mins washing your face this morning with your daily routine fighting acne.  What you need is good advice, good reviews and you need that info now!  Trying new products takes weeks, if not months, to determine whether it is having a positive effect on your face.

Typing Honest Acne Product Reviews


Defining Good Acne Product Reviews

Not somebody else’s reviews.  Not some famous celebrity tart cashing in with a fake testimonial.  The last thing you want to do is worsen your acne and somebody else gains from that.  The first thing should be to HELP YOU, even if you don’t go through with buying the product.  

I don’t understand how some of the products are even allowed on the shelves.  And why some people would promote them.  Some products caused me so much more pain and agony than I was already in, by making my face worse than it already was. 

Their marketing is so well presented and terribly irresistible, both on TV and the internet, with a promise of the next cure for acne.

Which always turns out to be FALSE…..


Now For The Top 5 Tips On Selecting Products

Beware of Bogus Acne Product Reviews1.  Beware of the Marketer!  The first and foremost.  By now you’re aware of the TV commercials promoting clearer skin with a magic cream.  There to take your money and not deliver on the promises they’ve made.  And now you’re aware of the affiliate marketer. 

Like I said I’m one…….But I like to think of myself as an honest one!

You can get stuck by reading a review *elsewhere, not on this website* that is promoting a product where not only is the product ineffective but the review is fraudulent as well.  

People will write bogus reviews, pushing a product onto you that they don’t fully believe will help you only to gain the commission for the sale.  

I promote products but they’re usually ones I’ve used or that I know will work for you.  If I don’t believe what I’m writing in an acne product review, I don’t promote it.  An easy sign to a phony review is the hard sell, buy now, buy now, buy now, click here, click here, click here.


2.  The BEST products are the ones that work and work fast and stay that way.  Some anti-biotics can only be taken for a certain period of time before your body becomes accustomed to them and they lose their effectiveness.  

Acne products should be easy to use, be reasonably priced and have little to no ill-effects.  For example, acne treating products, especially topical creams, have a way of subjecting you to a few side-effects or constraints.  This can include a limitation to the exposure of your face to sunlight.


3.  Take responsibility.  I’d also like to add that using a cream or pill/tablet as a treatment for acne should only be used in conjunction with a HEALTHY lifestyle. 

This includes adequate sleep, regular exercise and a nutritious diet as well as staying within the confines of other habits and practices that promote clear, beautiful skin.


4.  Acne products don’t just fall within the category of healing already present acne but also maintaining healthy skin.  Sure, there are your topical creams and anti-biotics.

But what about shampoos that are sulfate free?  There is a shampoo product that I still use to this day, will continue to use and probably will never stop.  Even though my acne is no longer a problem. 

I know it still contributes to clear skin and I’m not going to stop that.  

And another case?  

There are certain sunscreens that can agitate the skin and bring on a bout of pimples.  The same with moisturizers.  There are boundless products circulating the market that in my opinion could be directly responsible for your acne.  You can’t afford not to know about them. 

Educating yourself is one of the most effective ways of combating acne and ridding its mark on your life forever.


Acne Product Expiry Dates5.  Expiry Dates.  Beware of expiry dates on your acne products.  It’s happened to me a couple of times where I’ve been using an out of date acne product.  

Here I am thinking I’m treating my face when really the effectiveness of what I’m using has all but diminished and I’m wondering why my face is getting worse.  

Don’t let it happen to you.  

As soon as a product is open, oxidization starts to break down the chemicals within that product.  This doesn’t will happen with products that have a pumping action mechanism but still beware of the expiry date.  

While I’m on this point too.  

Another thing to be aware of is to wash your hands before handling your acne products.  Bacteria can spread and live on the outside of your bottle, or even inside.  If you’re using a product, make sure to keep it clean because otherwise that bacteria is going directly onto your face and aggravate your acne.  

Store them away from things like razors and toothbrushes.


Make Sure to Keep These Few Things in Mind

These tips may not be major but can certainly guide you on how to help acne.  I battled it for ten years and sometimes I was caught with expired products or naively fell victim to bogus acne product reviews, so don’t make my mistakes.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions and queries or would simply like to add something, just comment below!




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