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How To Help Acne Advice

Some good acne advice is hard come by and I think that is something that needs to be remedied.  I’m Rohan and I’ve Created This Site For YOU.  My motivation behind this site is to save you some of the heartaches I went through.

I battled acne for ten years, trying and testing countless treatments and products.  Some were good, a small fraction were great but most unfortunately were ineffective, some even worsening my skin!

Some Much Needed Good Acne Advice

 There are several ways to treat acne.  The severity of the condition can determine what measures you can take to combat acne.  I’ve tried everything in the search to clear my skin, from dermatologists to weird diets, the latest creams to unheard of supplements.  Nothing used to really work.

I found out eventually what works best is having your own system.  In short, WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.  Of course, this varies from person to person subject to certain criteria such as time, cost and effort. 

However, it would be safe to say that everybody’s effort after a period of time would become the same.  Out of sheer desperation, everybody is willing to put in the amount of effort needed; whatever it takes to rid the scourge known as acne.

But First, an Analogy……..


Some Good Acne AdviceWhat would happen if the hand brake warning light in your car came on?

You’d fix the problem by taking the hand brake off in the car to turn the warning light off, not take out the brakelight warning’s lightbulb.  Acne is the same.  Acne is a symptom of some imbalance or deeper problem in your body or lifestyle.  That is what needs to be treated.

Fix the Problem, Fix the Acne.

There is so much conflicting information circulating the web that it can be hard to decide what action you can start to take.  I know I had this problem when I first started to take my acne condition seriously.  Which I only really did start taking seriously after several years. 

At the beginning, only having a few pimples here and there, I rarely gave it a thought and due attention. 

I realise now though that if I put in the time to research what I could have done then I could have saved myself some drama.  But like all youths, I didn’t and I was going to have this problem for the next 10 years.  

Here Is How It Began. (When I did get started with treating my acne)


  • Founder of How to Help AcneFacewash.  I heard that acne is caused by clogged pores and that washing your face will unclog these pores and remove the acne.  If it was that simple, you wouldn’t be reading this would you?


  • Supplements.  Next step was finding out that getting pimples was from a lack in a dietary vitamin.  So attacking acne from the inside out was an option I never fully considered.  When I received some good acne advice to stay away from some foods, I never realized I could take things to improve my skin.  This made sense because I was at boarding school and probably not getting a good all round diet.  I know now this isn’t true.


  • Acne Creams.  Benzoyl Peroxide.  The best way NOT to fight acne is to constantly wash and scrub your face with an acid that is going to pre-maturely age your skin exponentially.  Cheers Proactiv for this untold damage.


  • Diets.  Back to attacking acne from the inside out.  This is where I started to really do my research on what really causes acne because by this time, my skin was at an all-time low point and I’d been trying to cure my face now for years.  It makes sense to eat well to feel well to look well. 

          This was the beginning of the end of my acne, starting things like drinking hot lemon water.  Try telling a teenager                 that to that though, doesn’t work.


  • Doctor.  I figured my General Practitioner could lend a hand, being a doctor he should definitely know more about acne than me.  I find out that he did and he didn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I know more than a doctor but he doesn’t know me like I know me; and doesn’t care as much as I care.  Generally, a doctor will prescribe a cream or anti-biotics and not the underlying cause.  I find the cream way too harsh and the anti-biotics will stop working after a while.


  • Fasts.  By doing research it was clear to me that after two decades of living that the body, and its wondrous inner workings might need to take spell in order to fully relieve and heal some of my ailments.  Another weapon to add to the arsenal.


  • Avoiding Certain Body Actions.  I learnt to stop touching my face altogether, don’t look in the mirror anymore and the certainly the most important thing – don’t scratch, pick, squeeze or pop pimples.  Absolutely and invariably DO NOT DO THAT.


  • Stress Busting.  Stress is a chemical reaction that releases hormones that aggravate and exacerbate acne.  To minimise the release of these hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, I started meditating and believe it or not – trying to laugh more.


  • Changing Lifestyle.  I had to change shampoos; wash my sheets and towels more often.  Avoid getting too dirty or sweaty.  Visualize a clearer face.  Affirm and re-affirm myself with positive affirmations like, “I am a confident man with clear, beautiful skin.”  Over and over again.


  • Vitamins.  There are a couple of things you can take.  Zinc and Fish Oil is great for the skin.  Echinanea and Vitamin C are the best at fighting inflammation.  I also took some other things as well.


Acne Facewash

Never Give Up, Ever

Trying to clear my skin of acne became the largest part of my lifestyle decision making and living.  It consumed me.  It consumed me like a full-time job or having a family.  It became an unwavering commitment.  But for a while there, it was the only way I knew that would see the end of my acne.  Remember, this was the only way I COULD DO IT, for you it could be something else entirely.

I Did and So Can You…….

 At the present moment, I don’t do much at all in the way of managing acne.  By the way, I do mean manage.  I firmly believe that everyone to a certain degree has a skin condition, whether it be acne or whatever, it’s just that some of us have a lower threshold to when it starts to appear.  So my acne management regime, consists of a few good habits, a touch of self-discipline and the knowledge to know what I can and can’t do.

Fix the Problem, the Symptom Goes Away!

How to Get Rid of AcneAll of the aforementioned remedies above can be done separately or in some combination to treat your acne.  I think acne is not just caused by one thing but by a multitude of ailments working in sync and the result is acne.  Acne is way your body tells you that something is wrong.  Acne is a symptom of deeper issue.  My good acne advice – begins at identifying this deeper issue.  A rational being would surmise that the deeper issue needs the attention, not the symptom.

If you have anything to ask or add, I’ll be happy to help, just leave your comment below




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