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I think it is always a good idea to introduce yourself, so this is what this page aims to do.  I’m Rohan.  I’m from Australia, and currently living in Melbourne.  I am twenty-seven years old and have been battling blemishes since I was fifteen.

My Life Story So Far……..

I grew up in rural North Queensland in a third generation agricultural family that was primarily involved in the banana and sugar cane industries.  I attended boarding school for three years and in my senior year was a prefect.  After high school I did an electrical apprenticeship in a sugar mill for 4 years.

I then moved to Sydney for a year working in telemarketing.  My stint in Sydney ended when a cyclone hit my home town and I moved back home to work and repair the properties and farms.  Two years later I attended Bond University on the Gold Coast for a few years finishing with a Bachelor of Commerce.  I’m now in Melbourne.

My Acne Story……..

At boarding school, like most of the kids, I started getting pimples.  I remember my first couple in grade ten and didn’t think much of them.   For the next three years, only on rare occasions was I seriously embarrassed about them.

I was eighteen when my acne really took off.  I was supposed to be a young adult but I still felt like a boy with my blemished face.  I’d get cystic acne, blackheads, whiteheads, all sorts of clusters and sores.  It was great.

Fast forward a few years to when I was twenty-five, skipping the story of dozens of creams, diet regimes, an array of supplements and some other weird and wonderful attempts at getting rid of the travesty on my face……….I still had this problem.


My education for being healthy on the inside and out had grown exponentially.  I knew I was close.  Adult acne was the worst and I had to beat it and not give up.  Within one more year I was free and on this website How To Help Acne, I’ll show you how.



Founder of HowToHelpAcne.com

email: rohan@howtohelpacne.com


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